S`MORES: Second-Year Programming for Student Success

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Transcript S`MORES: Second-Year Programming for Student Success

Sarah Ray, Assistant Director of Residence Life
Ira Lawson, Student Leadership Coordinator
Background of
• How did it start?
• History of second year experience programs
• Sophomore slump/theory
Our Process
• Identifying current challenges faced by sophomores
• What’s one challenge that sophomores?
• Best Practices into developing Second Year Experience
Second Year Intensive Training
• Make up of S’MORES
• Leadership, Personal, Experiential Learning, Professional Development
Student Involvement
Creating the student board
Meeting with students
What students identified from our four areas
Examples: Investment of student (voices), Welcome Back Luau, Major
Exploration (4 sessions)
-Sophomore Career Series/Summer Fellowship Interviews
Second Year Student Narratives
• “Being a part of the S’MORES Board
opened my eyes to what I need to be a
part of. It helped me move from a follower
to a leader.”
• “S’MORES Board gave me the opportunity
to see something through to the end and
to be proud of it and be able to create and
see it all the way through.”
Faculty Involvement
• Importance of Faculty Involvement
– Rigor, Relevance, & Relationships
• Articulating Your Leadership
Experiences/Networking Event
Staff Involvement
• What ways are you already supporting sophomores?
• What/Who are helpful resources?
• How can we collaborate?
A Visual Structure
Vision & Mission
Rhodes Vision:
• Student Access
• Student Learning
• Student
• Student Inspiration
S’MORES Mission:
To foster student development
through innovative programs and
services for sophomore students
that encourages engagement,
academic success, professional
development, and autonomy.
Goal Moving Forward
• Supporting Rhodes Community to increase
sophomore declaration
• Strengthening the relationship with sophomore
class council
• Increasing opportunities for faculty and student
interaction outside of the classroom
• Developing second year living learning community
Moments of Trepidation?
Please evaluate the
Takes less than two
minutes to do three
question evaluation!
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2. To use URL: http://bit.ly/secondyr
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