Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding UNICEF Systems Training

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Transcript Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding UNICEF Systems Training

Integrating CS/PB into the CPD
Results Frameworks and M&E
PB results frameworks and M&E must build on conflict analysis
and programming for change
Types of indicators: Process, Quantitative and Qualitative
Often long-term perspectives, multi-sectoral
Country specific existing plans or frameworks UNICEF
contributes towards.
Use of indicators for measuring conflict sensitivity
Link to country office existing M&E frameworks and MORES
Programme requires country specific indicators with potential
for aggregation
M&E Framework PBF
Overall goal: Post-conflict societies manage risks of
internal conflicts peacefully through enhanced inclusive
policy dialogue and commitment (actions) to peaceful
Result 1: Security sector reforms and judiciary systems
Result 2: Conflict resolution and management for
Result 3: Youth, women and other marginalised groups
are catalyst for peace and econ recovery
Results 4: Essential functions of government – peace
UNICEF Country Programme PCR
By 2016, increased capacities at the national and subnational levels to
support peacebuilding and more peaceful conditions for children
IR and Indicators
Youth equipped to play a more active role in peacebuilding at the
community level
• # youth with skills in conflict management and resolution, group
work, volunteerism, community development and project
management by (date)
• % reduction of violent incidents involving youth in x communities by
• # youth with improved perceptions about conflict and violence in
communities and their future by (date)
• # members in community x with improved perception of youth
Linking with MoRES
• Enhanced focus on equity = better
management for results
• Conceptual framework for effective planning,
programming, implementation, monitoring and
managing for results to achieve desired
outcomes for the most disadvantaged children.
• Data and evidence in advocacy and
• Links between equity and peacebuilding
MoRES levels
1. situation analysis and strategic planning
2. monitoring implementation of inputs and
outputs/activities which address child
3. programme assessment/monitoring,
analyses and actions
4. monitoring trends in the situation of
MoRES determinants
Enabling Environment
1) Societal norms
2) Policy/legal framework
3) Budget/expenditure
4) Institutional management/coordination
5) Availability of essential materials
6) Availability of adequately staffed services, facilities and information
7) Financial access
8) Cultural practices and beliefs
9) Continuity of use
10) Quality of services and goods
• Develop one process, one
qualitative and one quantitative
indicator for your PB programme
• Brainstorm on data/baseline for
each indicator