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Sophomore Year Options

Bryan High School January 26, 2015

Advice for Sophomores

Freshman year is over and the foundation has been set. This is the year to have the biggest impact on improving that foundation.

Graduation Requirements Ohio CORE

          21 Total Credits 4 English 4 Math – including 1 credit of Algebra 2 3 Social Studies – Economics/Financial Literacy covered in Gov 3 Science 0.5 Oral Communications 0.5 Health 0.5 Physical Education (2 semesters) 5.5 Electives High School Assessment Requirements

High School Assessment

Problem based assessment & end of course exams

 8 th Grade Year 1.

Algebra I or 8 th grade achievement test  Freshman Year 1.

English 2.


Algebra I or Geometry Biology  Sophomore Year 1.



English Geometry American History  Junior Year 1.


American Government National Standardized test

Testing Points

 End of Course Exams Must receive 18  3 points = proficient     4 points Math 4 points English  6 points between Science & Social Studies More information to come about National standardized test More information to come about approved industry recognized credential and achieving a workforce readiness score on a related job skills assessment

Alternative Graduation Without Completing CORE - OPT OUT

o o o o o Must complete 2 years of high school and student’s parents must sign statement consenting to graduation without CORE, acknowledging that child will not be able to proceed directly to a 4-year university.

Student/parent must fulfill any procedural requirements the school stipulates to ensure student/parent are informed of the informal consent process.

The student/parent/school must develop career plan. (4CCC) The school must provide counseling/support for the student related to the plan.

The student successfully completes, at a minimum the current curriculum.

Graduation Requirements OHIO CORE OPT OUT

          21 Total Credits 4 English 3 Social Studies Global Studies, U.S. History, & Government  (Including economics) 4 Math – DOES NOT NEED TO INCLUDE ALGEBRA 2 3 Science – Including Lab Based and 1 Advanced Science 0.5 Oral Communications 0.5 Health 0.5 Physical Education (2 semesters) Fine Art Requirement (Met in Junior High) High School Assessment Requirements

Honors Diploma Reminder

Must Meet 7 of 8 Criteria

 4 English  4 Math  4 Science  4 Social Studies  1 fine art  3 of one foreign language or 2 of two different foreign languages  3.5 GPA (through 1st semester Senior year)  27 ACT / 1210 SAT  Proficient on Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment  4 Career Technical Credits

High School Paths

Junior/Senior College Prep

• 4-Year College • 2-Year College

Junior/Senior Vocational

• Four County Career Center • Technical School • Armed Forces • 2-Year College

College or Four County or Both?

   Offering information sessions on College Process (Rm. 220) and Four County Career Center (Rm. 216) during:   Session 1 (5:30 – 6:15) FCCC (1/28/15 @ 5:15pm Room 216) Session 3 (7:00 – 7:30) College Process All Sophomores will go on a Four County visit in December.

Will be doing career research papers in English and are encouraged to actively explore career interests and start thinking about what they can do for the remainder of high school to prepare for those careers.

Registration Process

       Will be in the classroom on January 22 and 23 to explain scheduling for next year.

Registration will be done on the computer/online and they can complete at home or with counselor during Academic Assist/Study Hall.

Registrations will be due to the high school Jan. 30th!

Registration worksheet must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Must have a signature for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Schedules will be mailed with grade cards at end of year The school has the right to change student schedules at any time and there are no guarantees that specific requests will be honored.

Registration Considerations

       If they have not finished their PE/OC/Health requirements, it is recommended they finish them by the end of Sophomore year.

Health and PE will be offered as Early Bird classes next year.

English – CP, Intermediate, or Intervention Science – Accelerated, Regular, or Comprehensive US History – AP, Regular, or Comprehensive Math – Applied Geometry, Geometry, Algebra 2, Accelerated Algebra 2 Foreign Language (Accelerated), Music, Art, Business/Computer, Work & Family Life, English, Math, **

SS**, **Science**


Schedule Changes

• • • • • • You have the first 10 days of the semester to add/drop any course.

Any drop after 10 days will be a withdrawal failure and a meeting must be held.

Yearlong courses WILL NOT be dropped at the semester unless school supported.

Band cannot be dropped after the completion of band camp.

Please try to make schedule changes prior to the beginning of the next year/semester.

Teacher changes/requests will NOT be made.

Summer School

        June 1 through June 26 (tentative) 8:30-11:30 / 12:30-3:30 PE and Oral Communications (each will likely only be offered once either AM or PM) $100 per course Letters will be mailed the beginning of April and registration is on a first come basis Pass/Fail grade that will not be factored into GPA May be absent two days and may not miss the last day Health – only offered as online class ($100 fee)

Credit Remediation

  Encouraged to make up credit ASAP Options    

Retake the class STEP Ahead –

offered during summer  English/Science/Math/Social Studies Offered

Virtual Learning Academy (deposit) -

study hall or own time On-line during

Summer School (fee) -

sessions for 0.5 credit Four County offers two 3-week

Sophomore Testing

   

Aspire (November/December)

 Designed to provide career insight and predict potential ACT success  If students plan to take the ACT, it is recommended they take the Aspire

PSAT (October)

 All sophomores are required take the PSAT.

High School Assessments ACT

 Earliest recommended time is June after Sophomore year.

Thank You For Attending!

Please contact a counselor or administrator with any questions about next year.