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Ch. 7 & 8
1) The chief of all the ancient Greek
Gods was Zeus.
2) Unlike citizens of Greece, People
in ancient Mesopotamia and
Egypt had no rights and no vice in
3) The first Greek mathematician to
establish the principles of
geometry was Pythagoras.
4) Persian religion based on one god
– Zoroastrianism
5) Ephors – high- ranking
government officials
6) Government by the people –
7) Control by a small group –
8) Enslaved people – helots
9) Persian province - satrapy
10) Narrow channel of water – strait
11) Absolute ruler – tyrant
12) Encouraged women to
participate in government - Aspasia
13) Provided Sparta with gold to
build ships – Persians
14) Thinkers who reflected on the
meaning of life – philosophers
15) The “first citizens” of Athens who
encouraged the arts and learning –
16) The Greeks were able to defeat the
Persian fleet at the Strait of Salamis in
part because their ships were smaller
and faster.
17) Who told King Ptolemy that if he wanted to truly
understand plane geometry, he would have to study
hard? Euclid
18) In the Iliad, what was the result of Achilles’s anger
against the Achaeans? Countless ills and death
19) The Mycenaean's came to Greece
from Central Asia.
20) After their defeat at the Strait of
Salamis, Persian foot soldiers set
fire to the city of Athens.
21) After the Persian Wars ended,
Athens became the economic and
cultural center of Greece.
22) This author wrote in The
Republic that an ideal nation
would have a just and fair
government lead by philosopherkings. Plato
23) Who, according to Homer, were
angry with each other? Achilles
and the son of Atreus
24) Whose armies conquered the
land as far east as modern
Pakistan? Alexander the Great
) The Hellenistic Era produced a
great body of achievements in
science, math, art, architecture,
literature, and philosophy.
26) What did Darius expect
Alexander to do? Stage a night
27) Xerxes was king of Persia.
28) The Minoans made their
living as traders.
29) Persia as located in what
would be considered present
day Iran.
30) What help did Sparta receive from
Persia in exchange fro some Greek
territory? Persia gave Sparta gold so
they could build their own navy.
31) What did Plato feel for Socrates?
Deep admiration
32) The ancient Olympic Games,
which occur every four years in
Greece, were held in honor of Zeus.
33) The library here attracted
scholars from all over the world.
34) Since Spartan men lived away
from home, Spartan women could
own property and travel.
35) Mycenaean's could pay their
taxes in wheat, livestock, or honey.
36) What did Alexander’s generals want
him to do? Stage a night attack
37) Who wrote the Odyssey? Homer
38) Modern examples of drama include
movies and plays.
39) Why did Sparta’s leaders favor a
military society? They thought it
created obedient and loyal citizens.
40) Who was the god of the Greek
underworld? Hades
41) The reason the Delian League
failed was that Athens had
become so powerful that it took
control over it.
42) Slavery in Athens was very
43) Artemis is the goddess of the
hunt and wild animals.
44) If the Greeks do not want to
fight Phillip in his kingdom, where
will they fight? At home in Greece.
45) Who was the goddess of
wisdom and crafts and was so
popular that she had a major
city-state named in her honor?
46) What did Socrates mean by “my
departure hence”? His death
47) Why were colonies first established
by the Greeks around 700 B.C.? They
could not grow enough food to feed
their increasing population.
48) Because of the conquests
made by Cyrus, the Persians
already controlled Anatolia
before their wars with Greece.