Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Transcript Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What is EAP?
1. The Aetna Employee Assistance Program is for
active, benefits eligible employees
2. Helps employees and their families balance the
demands of work, life and personal issues.
3. Employee and each family member is eligible for 8
counseling visits per year at no cost. (up to 3
sessions concerning legal and financial matters)
4. You can access these programs 24 hours a day,
seven days a week
How do I use the EAP?
 Call 1-888-238-6232
 Explain your need (personal, legal, financial, etc)
 The EAP representative will give you direction on the next
 OR you can go to www.aetnaeap.com to get more
detailed information
Resources – Topics
 Aetna can provide information tailored for your specific
 They can give information on choosing a child care
provider, elder care, dealing with finances or finding legal
Did you know
You are eligible for free legal consultations?
1. Get up to a ½ hour legal consultation for up to 3 new
legal topics per year
2. Receive a 25% discount off the hourly rate charged by
the plan attorney for any legal services not covered
and/or beyond the ½ hour consultation
Resources –Topics
Did you know
You are entitled to ½ hour consultation with a selected
plan financial counselor
1. Receive up to 3 new financial counseling topics each
2. Financial information is available online at
Did you know
Website Contains Subjects
To Access Information
 Mental Health
 Go to www.aetnaeap.com
 Well-Being
 Family Life (Child/Elder Care)
 Follow the directions on the
following slides….
 Financial
 Legal
 Career
 Click on the links for a full
overview of services and
 Education
 Call Trish Figg for help or more
information at extension 7556
Welcome Screen:
Log in using the information in the box below:
EAP Home Page:
Click on the links for subject content
On Demand Webinars
 If you are looking for help and support on quitting
tobacco use, parenting, losing weight, cancer, legal topics,
or financial topics check this out!
 Go to www.aetna.com and click on monthly webinars –
live webinars
Monthly Webinars – Online Seminars
Link on the left
Work/Life Services
You are able to access information on the following:
 Academic services
 Adoption
 Adult/Elder Care
 Child Care
 Consumer information
 Home improvement
 Pet Care
 Special Needs
Free Stuff
You can order free kits!
a) Pre-Natal – includes books and gifts to welcome baby
b) Child Safety – Pocket guide to emergency first aid,
smoke detector and more!
c) Adult/Elder Care – literature on being a care-giver,
medical information storage kit, flashlight and more!
Free Stuff Cont’d
 To order the free kits, call
** You can not order these online!
Vacation Discounts
General Discounts
 Cruises
 Movie Tickets
 Hotels
 Laptops
 Car Rental
 Phones/Accessories
 Airline tickets
 Flower Deliveries
Take a few Moments…
 Visit the website to see what is available first hand…
Just take a look!
For Questions:
Call Aetna EAP directly at
Or go to the website at