Center for Excellence in Education Pre Submittal Conference

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Transcript Center for Excellence in Education Pre Submittal Conference

Center for Excellence in Education
RFQ Pre-Submittal Conference
January 9, 2015
RFQ & Project Timeline
• December 12
– RFQ Issued
• January 9
– Pre-Submittal Conference
• January 16
– Deadline for responses (SOQ)
• January 23
– Notification of firms
• April
– Start of construction
• August 1st
– Building completion
Project Description
• Identification of Developer to design, construct and manage (long-term, 40 years)
a three-story building of approximately 75,000 s.f. (plus parking and outdoor play
space) on land adjacent to the Center Street UNO campus at 6801 Mercy Road.
• Proposed space use of the Center for Excellence in Education:
3rd floor
Buffett Early Childhood Institute, UNO College of Education, other
2nd floor
Metropolitan Community College & Avenue Scholars (contemplated)
1st floor
UNO Early Childhood Education Center
• The natural connections among the occupants and organizations in this building
will provide a unique and exemplary model of P-16 collaboration.
UNO Early Childhood Education Center
• Provide high-quality full-day, full-year child care for up to 180 children from
infancy to Kindergarten
• Be a model demonstration facility for UNO and region, providing training and
observation opportunities for pre-service and experienced teachers
• Serve as a research facility for faculty and supervised students in the College of
Education and other UNO departments, colleges and programs
• Designed and operated as a model of excellence utilizing evidence-based
approaches to enhancing learning and development of children and families
• 6801 Mercy Road, Omaha, NE.
• Land owned by University of Nebraska. Land will continue to be owned by the University and
a ground lease will be signed with the selected Developer.
Qualifications Criteria
1. General Information
2. Relevant Firm Experience
35 points
3. Team Experience & Qualifications
10 points
4. Project Understanding and Approach
20 points
5. Approach to Project Management
10 points
6. Other Factors *
35 points
110 points
* Notably a description of how your involvement will benefit the University, including specifics on reduced rent rates for
University space and other financial incentives you are able to provide.
Submittal Requirements
• One-page cover letter plus maximum of 15 pages to address criteria
• Excluding resumes and subconsultant/subcontractor selection plan (appendix A)
• 6 copies
• Deadline is 5pm on January 16, 2015
• Submit to Office of the Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance
Questions/Information Requests
• Questions and requests for information will be noted, and clarified as
appropriate, and a response will be provided to all interested firms as soon
as possible after the Pre-Submittal Conference.
Center for Excellence in Education
RFQ Pre-Submittal Conference
January 9, 2015