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Westheimer and 610
University of Houston
Campus Foods on or near
Calhoun Street
Feeder road on I-45
to Pease Street
downtown food locations
Barbecue, Thai, Mandola’s
and Texmex up Telephone Road
I-45 S to numerous food venues
including all you can eat Chinese
Science and Research Bldg 1
Rooms 316 and 227
UH Hilton
West Wing
Room 103
Conoco Phillips
UH ERP Bldg 9
Room 123
Red Lines:
ERP Main Entrance Heading South
Take exit 44 Cullen Blvd and stay right (just north of this map)
Main UH Campus
Conoco Phillips
Building 9
Room 123
Blue Lines:
ERP Main Entrance Heading North
Exit 43b and follow feeder to
Tellespan/Schlumberger Drive and go under
I45 and enter from the back or turn on to I45
feeder heading south.