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Children’s heart Fund oF
ethiopia’s situation
•“Cradle of Civilization”
•Living conditions
•75 Million inhabitants
•50% national health coverage
•80% live in rural areas
•GNP per capita $105 per year
Addis Ababa
Children’s Health issues
•600,000 children between 5
and 15 years old are at risk of
developing strep throat
infections twice a year.
•About 120,000 are estimated
to develop rheumatic fever
every year.
•The young are at high risk of
developing rheumatic heart
•Patients die at and early age
of complications like
intractable congestive heart
failure and arrhythmia,
absent surgery of valvular
Health System
“The only thing that stands between 24 million children
and endemic heart disease risk is a small group working
out of a storage container in Addis Ababa.”
Dr. Belay Abegaz
CHFE - making a difference
Current Office
•900 children airlifted to the US,
Great Britain, Israel,
Netherlands, Germany, Italy
and other countries
•150 cared for by visiting
medical teams from the US and
Great Britain
•Influential Board
•Active partners
and associates
•Business, civic,
governmental and
academic support.
CHFE Staff
Director and Board Secretary:
Ato Tesfaye Birhanu, Director
The Children's Heart Fund of
P. O. Box 2382
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel. 251.1.5515435/5513636
Mrs. Selamnesh T/Haimanot
Medical Social Worker
Ms. Yemisratch Atnaf
PR Officer
CHFE Cardiac Center
Being built on the
premises of the Black
Lion hospital in
Addis Ababa. Sample
of accommodations:
•2 operating rooms
•2 Recovery rooms
•Anesthesia rooms
•10 patient rooms
•Intensive care unit
CHFE Cardiac center
construction progress
• Ahead of schedule for
completion before year end.
• “Delivering quadruplets” Four
important elements must come
together for its successful
operating completion:
1. Hospital
2. Equipment
3. Manpower development
4. Ensuring sustainability by
establishing a fund
generating program
CHFE cardiac center
“the point oF no return”
research and education
Addis Ababa University Medical School
CHFE – Regional magnet
Reason for name CHFE
and not ECHF
Future Rehabilitation Center
•Income generation building
•Rehabilitation center
•Accommodations for visiting
teams, specialists, etc.
•Guest house for parents
traveling with children
•CHFE administration offices
•Cafeteria, etc.
CHFE – International support
Linking Arms
International Partners
and supporters
Healing the Children
Chain of Hope
Project C.U.R.E.
Save a Child’s Heart
Medical teams from the US, Great Britain,
the Netherlands, Germany (Leipzig
University), Israel.
Children airlifted to all these countries, as
well as Italy and India.
Chain of Hope proposes to supply the Pediatric Cardiac Center with
TWO Cardiac Catheterization Labs
Equipment necessary for the Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Unit
Enter into a five year contract with CHFE and the Medical University of Addis Ababa to
develop a curriculum for the training of Cardiac surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, adult
cardiologists and other essential professionals, who will be duly licensed nationally and
hopefully will attain international accreditation.
 This contract could be renewed for an additional period of up to five years.
 In addition to the treating of patients and the training of professionals, C of H has
offered to establish a Research Center on Rheumatic Heart Disease.
The proposal moves up the completion date of the Pediatric Cardiac Center
and adds urgency to fundraising efforts, prompting a call for support from
the Ethiopian Diaspora.
we are invited!
US donations and support for the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia
should be sent to Healing the Children or to CHFE at:
Healing the Children National
P.O. Box 9065
Spokane, WA 99209-9065
Online: To make an online donation please see the
HTC website at
under “For Donors” tab.
Checks should be made payable to Healing the
Children and designated to CHFE. Please note
that all money goes directly to the Children’s
Heart Fund of Ethiopia.
Children's Fund of Ethiopia
P. O. Box 22036
Eagan, MN 55122
Email address [email protected]
Federal Identification Number 010870053