Smoke-free Casinos: The Colorado Experience

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Transcript Smoke-free Casinos: The Colorado Experience

Smoke-free Casinos: The Colorado Experience

Kimberly Hills Executive Director Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance (CTEPA)

Overview of Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (CCIAA)  History of Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act – 2005: Beginning of the Campaign – 2006: Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act is enacted  Became effective July 1  Covers all indoor public places, except… – Cigar bars – Airport smoking concession – Tobacco retail businesses – Retail floor plan of casinos

Overview (cont.)

 Perimeter of 15 feet  “Indoor area means any enclosed area..”  Class 2 petty offense  Enforced by local sheriff and police

Casino Exemption: Why?

 2006 Legislative Session – Powerful casino lobby – One of the main bargaining chips for legislators  Opposition added casinos to get the bill killed  Advocates were in the position of having to support casino exemption to get the votes

CCIAA Lawsuits

 Coalition for Equal Rights, Inc. v. Owens, 458 F. Supp.2d 1251 (D. Colo. 2006); appealed, oral

arguments November 15, 2007.

 Orios v. Westberg; Durango  People v. (Oasis); Adams County

2007 Legislative Session

      July 2007: Casino exemption repealed, effective January 1, 2008 Background: – 8000 workers unprotected – Element of discrimination – Mobilization of casino patron and worker community had continued Strong activism: SmokeFree Gaming Strong legislative sponsors Work of the coalition Key Issue: Date of implementation

Plans for Implementation: January 1, 2008    11 casinos have been issued building permits for ‘patio rooms’ SmokeFree Gaming Casino Committee – Researched other places (Delaware, Canada) – Meeting with Division of Gaming and general managers to educate about the law and partner to promote smoke-free – Training of law enforcement

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Kimberly Hills, Executive Director CTEPA [email protected]