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Global Relations at the Turn of the Century

What is happening in the following cartoon?

The Big International Players

• Great Britain

– held the largest empire – Wanted to hold onto world dominance, but was being challenged in some areas by Germany

“The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

• France

– had major holdings in Africa and the western hemisphere – Lost the Franco-Prussian war with Germany(1870-71) – Made to sign a humiliating treaty in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, a symbol of French power

• Russia

– looking to expand into the Balkans

• Austro-Hungarian Empire

– looking to expand into the Balkans (hmm…a similar goal to another country?)

• United States

–newly emerging as a global economic force.

– Isolationist – The Monroe Doctrine (asserted American Dominance over North America) - Did not want to get involved in foreign affairs

• Germany

– a relatively new country(1871) – Joined the scramble for colonies late – Aggressively looking to find “a place in the sun” other words, an empire – Threatened the other European countries or in

• Italy

– also a relatively new country(1870) – Also late in the race for colonies

• Japan

– Rapid industrialization shocked the world - Emerged as a dominate force in the Pacific - Began expanding its territory - 1904-05 defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese War


Which countries are likely to get into conflict with one another and why?