imperialism wall walk

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Imperialism Wall Walk
•“The United States is
headed towards a
recession….prices are
down, demand is
down. What are we to
•“I’ve got a
storehouse full of
goods to sell, but in
this economy no
one around these
parts is buying.”
• “If I had more coal or more
oil I could run my factories
all day and all night,
produce more goods, make
more money….but it’s
getting pretty scarce around
• “Coal and oil are so
expensive around here.
The monopolies have
driven up costs and I
need those resources to
run my factory.”
• “It would be so great to build
a new factory and get some
jobs created in Middletown,
DE, but the local
government wants huge
fees to be paid first and the
tax rates will kill my profits.”
• “With new legislation
passed I’m going have to
pay my workers double
what I used to. And
benefits? My profits will
never recover from these
increased costs.”
•“There goes Ethiopia.
There goes Morocco.
Bahamas? Gone.
Fiji? That too. The
whole globe has gone
to Europe.”
• “Rome conquered half of
the known world. The
Greeks? Them too. “The
sun never sets on the British
Empire”, or so they say.
Will they ever talk about us
(the US) that way?”
• “We got this new navy, and
wow, it is quite impressive. It
can travel the world at a
moments notices, but it needs
fuel and it needs safe harbors
to re-supply. Hmmm, how can
we achieve this goal of
worldwide ports?”
• “The West is closed but those
immigrants keep on coming.
The cities are huge and
spreading. Pretty soon we
won’t have any elbow room.
What do we do with all of
these people?”
• “That Civil War really split
this country and tarnished
our reputation. Wouldn’t it
be fun to get back together
again, united under one
goal, headed off on an
• “In business the big fish
swallow the little fish. It’s
every man for himself, and
the weak die off every day.
How does that play out
• “Look at how many of
our world brothers have
not yet been touched by
the word of God. Those
poor heathens.”
•“Every day nearly
25,000 people die
from starvation and
•“Look at our brothers
around the world
fighting for equality
and independence
from ruthless
dictators. Can they
win alone”
• “Freedom is the goal of any
individual, to be free from
the rule of another. Our own
13 Amendment guarantees
that very freedom here in
the US.”
•“Disease, pollution,
corruption in the US.
How much time and
money will it take to
clean up this place?”
•“Guns and ammo and
soldiers….if we give
the military absolute
power, will it corrupt
them absolutely?”
•“If the strong
conquering the weak
is the rule of Darwin,
is wrong to assume
we’re the strong and
they’re the weak?”
• “Those immigrants are
driving down property
values and reducing wages.
What will happen if we go
and conquer a whole new
foreign country?”
•“If war takes
money, where
does all that
money come
•“The factory I worked
in left for the
Philippines. Um, what
am I going to do
•“Life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness.
These are basic
American principles,
•“Is a free election of
Democracy really a
free choice for a
conquered people?”
•“What ever did
happen to that Roman
Empire, or that Greek
Empire, or that British