Chapter 3 Critically reviewing the literature

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Transcript Chapter 3 Critically reviewing the literature

By Dileesha Sandeepana

 To conduct a ‘preliminary’ search of existing material.

 To organize valuable ideas & findings.

 To identify other researches that may be in progress.

 To generate research ideas.

 To develop a critical perspective.

 Deductive: Developing a conceptual frame work which is tested using data.

 Inductive: Explores the data to develop theories which is then subsequently relate to the literature.

 To refine research questions & objectives.

 To highlight research possibilities.

 To discover recommendations for further research.

 To avoid repeating work.

 To sample current opinions in newspapers & journals.

 To provide insights into strategies, approaches & techniques.

 Previewing  Annotating  Summarizing  Comparing & contrasting

 Why am I reading this?

 What is the author trying to do in writing this?

 What is the writer saying that is relevant to what I want to find out?

 How convincing is this?

 What use can I make of this reading?

 Include key academic theories  Demonstrate that the chosen area is up to date.

 Use clear referencing for the reader to find the original cited publications.

 A single chapter  A series of chapters  Throughout the report

 Demonstrate that you have read, understood & evaluated your material.

 Link the different ideas to form a cohesive & coherent argument.

 Make clear connections to your research objectives & the subsequent empirical material.

 Define the research parameters.

 Generate key words.

 Discuss your research.

 Brainstorm ideas.

 Construct Relevance trees.


 Define the scope of your review.

 Access relevance & value.

 Access sufficiency.

 Biographic details.

 Brief summary of content.

 Supplementary information.

 Stealing from another source.

 Submitting material written by another.

 Copying material without quotation marks.

 Paraphrasing material without documentation.

        Importance of critically reviewing literature.


Skills for effective reading. Structure of the literature review. Three main categories of sources.

Literature search strategy. Evaluating.


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