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City Water Equipment

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The City Water is a chlorine dioxide (ClO 2 ) dosing machine coupling with Globalex ClO 2 chlorine dioxide tablets. The City Water directly delivers activated and pure chlorine dioxide solution produced by ClO 2 tablets.

It can deliver up to 30 g of chlorine dioxide per hour.

The machine is high reliability and efficiency, reduced maintenance and simplified operation. A smaller building can meet the requirement of the machine.

City Water makes the using of chlorine dioxide easy and safety.

City Water can be used for different application fields.


■ water plants.

■ Swimming pools disinfection.

■ Drinking water treatment in farms.

■ Combatting legionella in hospitals.

■ Drinking and process water in the beverage and food industry.

■ Bottle cleaning.

■ Cooling water treatment.


■ Compact and designed for small rooms.

■ Easy and safe generation of chlorine dioxide thanks to Globalex chlorine dioxide delivery agent products.

■ Precise chlorine dioxide dosage thanks to adjustable metering pumps.

■ Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC and Touch Panel (HMI). ■ Direct control by inductive flow meter.

■ Display of the current all relevant operating parameters and error messages in full text.

■ Equally suitable for remote control.

■ Man/Auto operation model.

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