Transcript Powerpoint

You can find two types of cows farm. Dairy cows that give
milk and beef cows for meat. They live together
in a herd. Cows come in lots of different colours;
black/white, brown, black, light brown.
They like to hunt in the earth for roots and vegetables to eat.
When they are hot they like to lie in cool wet mud. Their tails
are small and curly. Pigs give us pork, bacon and sausages.
They like to live on the hills and moors away from
the farm. Their woolly fleece can be made into lovely
sweaters, and they also give us lamb and mutton.
They love to wander pecking in the soil for seeds and grain.
They lay eggs which we can eat, and produce chicken meat
as well. When a baby chicken is born it can walk and find its
own food straight away.
Baby turkeys are called poults and when they grow up they
are bigger than chickens. They eat a cereal-based diet mainly
made with wheat.
This is called a cereal and is grown and harvested to use to
make flour for bread. There are lots of different types of
bread, which use different types of flour.
These are grown on farms but also on allotments and even
in our own gardens. They grow under the ground and are
vegetables. They can be eaten in all sorts of ways, including
mash, roast potatoes, chips and crisps.
These are fruit and grow on trees in orchards. When they are
ready to eat they are picked and some are taken to be made
into apple and pear juice. There are lots of different types of
apples. Not all of them are green.