Global Studies Latin America Push Pull Factors

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Transcript Global Studies Latin America Push Pull Factors

After graduation, would you leave Delaware?
If yes, provide 3 reasons that would make you want to leave…
If no, provide 3 reasons that would make you want to stay…
What does this show?
• Brainstorm to create a list of five reasons
for moving on the back of your paper!
• Share your responses with three other
students to create a good list of 10 reasons
Class Discussion
• Why do people come to the USA?
• What do people have to do to enter the
• What is their journey like entering the
United States?
• Is there a difference between people
entering the country and leaving the
Types of Immigration
• Immigration- Someone entering the
• Emigration- Someone leaving the country
What factors cause immigration?
• Push factors are those factors in Mexico
that contributed to displacement and
forced migrations
• Pull factors are those conditions in the
United States that magnetized the border
region and attracted Mexicans to the
Push Factors
Lack of Jobs/Poverty
Civil Strife/War/Political
Religious Persecution
Environmental Problems
Natural Disasters
Poor Medical Care
Political Fear
Corrupt Government
No land
Pull Factors
Higher standards of living
Higher wages
Political and Religious Freedom
Superior medical care
Weather Conditions
Education Opportunity
Family links
Job opportunities
Government Assistance
Simply a personal fondness of a certain place
Class Discussion
• What are some problems
associated with
• What do you think are some
solutions on immigration?