GMIT Mayo Green Campus Charter

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Transcript GMIT Mayo Green Campus Charter

The Green Charter: Energy
• Switch off lights when leave a room (office or
• Reduce energy consumption wherever possible.
• Power down office computers, printers etc each
evening, at weekends, and particularly before academic
• PC Remote Shutdown is installed in all labs.
September 2012
The Green Charter : Water
to reduce water consumption where possible by only
boiling as much water as needed in the kettle.
•Be aware of the dual flush capabilities of toilets in the
nursing wing.
•Use filtered water (reverse osmosis) in canteen and
nursing foyer instead of buying bottled water.
•Any dripping taps, leaking pipes, broken toilets should be
reported to reception.
September 2012
Put class notes and powerpoints on Moodle
 Print powerpoints in handout form (6 slides per page)
 Use Draft print to reduce ink usage
 Print and photocopy in two-sided mode
 Use multi-use envelopes for internal mail
 Recycling on campus : plastic, paper, aluminium cans,
ink cartridges, mobile phones, postage stamps, food,
 Bring your own mug and use to buy drinks in canteen
 BEECO cups can be recycled
 Put litter (including cig butts) in waste bins
September 2012
The Green Charter: Transport
or cycle whenever possible.
•Staff members can avail of the cycle-to-work scheme.
•Carpool with others who may be travelling from the
same area, where possible.
•Support Iomphar and Smarter Travel Castlebar.
•Use video-conferencing whenever possible.
September 2012
The Green Charter: Biodiversity
Help to maintain the Sanctuary Garden
• Support the National Biodiversity Centre
• Whenever possible, choose healthy, local and sustainably
produced foods
•Buy products from companies that value the
environment and people. Remember, companies
will sell what people want to buy – so tell
companies that you want products that do not
harm biodiversity!
September 2012