Government Agencies

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Government Agencies
Ben, Tyler, Gavin, and Kerry
World Health Organization
• International agency sponsored by the US
• They compile statistics and information on
disease, and publish health information
• Established on April 7, 1948
• Its headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
• Fun Fact: 1 million people commit suicide
every year, 86% of them live in low- and
middle-income countries
US Department of Health and
Human Services
• Deals with problems in US health
• Its motto is "Improving the health, safety,
and well-being of America"
• In 2002, the department released Healthy
People 2010, a national strategic initiative
for improving the health of Americans
National Institutes of Health
• Under US Department of Health and
Human Services
• Responsible for biomedical and healthrelated research
• Their mission is to find new information on
any form of disease that will lead to better
health for everyone
Centers for Disease Control and
• Under US Department of Health and
Human Services
• It works to protect public health and safety
by providing information to enhance health
decisions, and it promotes health through
partnerships with state health departments
and other organizations.
Food and Drug Administration
• Under US Department of Health and Human
• They are responsible for protecting and
promoting public health through the regulation
and supervision of food safety, tobacco
products, dietary supplements, prescription and
over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs
(medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals,
blood transfusions, medical devices,
electromagnetic radiation emitting devices
(ERED), veterinary products, and cosmetics.
Agency for Health Care Policy and
• Under US Department of Health and
Human Services
• Their research is designed to improve the
outcomes and quality of health care,
reduce its costs, address patient safety
and medical errors, and broaden access to
effective services
Occupational Safety and Health
• They are an agency of the United States
Department of Labor
• Its mission is to prevent work-related
injuries, illnesses, and occupational fatality
by issuing and enforcing standards for
workplace safety and health
Health departments
• A Health department is a part of
government which focuses on issues
related to the general health of the
• Health departments perform vaccination
programs, free STD and AIDS tests, and
other medical assistance, as well as
compile statistics in their area