JANSEVA Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. Regt.No.MSCS/CR/335

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Transcript JANSEVA Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. Regt.No.MSCS/CR/335

What Is Jansevsa ?

            Janseva is a registered multistate cooperative credit society with permission to operate in


states of India.

Maharashtra M.P



Chhattisgarh Karnataka T.N

Orissa W.Bengal

Bihar Delhi Rajastan

Why Janseva ?

To help poor who rarely access to financial services through formal financial approach different financial services mainly informal i.e. Money lenders, who mainly exploit and lay high interest rate.

The society is committed to undertake financial and business transactions on free from interest.

In the absence of Islamic Banking in India, Janseva is a better option for all classes irrespective of income level, caste ,religion and region

Its Objectives

Save amount from your earnings and keep safe and liquid.

Assist you to have access to interest free credit to fulfill individual financial requirements.

Assist to deploy your funds in various ways to earn Lawful (Halal) income.

Assist in getting easy access to the supply of goods and for your household needs.

Its Objectives

Assist to have access to other financial services like project proposals,business capital, medical insurance etc on free/ low cost basis.

Solve needs through SPV (special purpose vehicle) being designed for members benefits.

To do all in lawful manner within scope of the by-laws and acts governing the society.

Its Plans

To establish its branches at different locations to provide facilities to people.

Establish JERT for promoting micro finance schemes by forming SHG’s for giving support to women and other weaker sections Establish JSC to give information with respect to government schemes for the needy.

Establish BAC to educate and assist members to use their funds effectively and productively.

To design schemes as per requirement of members for their growth socially and economically.

Why Join Janseva ?

    Promoter of a financial system.

Solve one’s problem with mutual cooperation.

Get loan on interest free and ensure fair distribution of income and wealth in society.

You can avail various customized services in the fields of education