The Symbols of the USA

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Transcript The Symbols of the USA

The National Emblems of the
Презентация к учебнику «English VI»
(Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В.)
Выполнила: учитель МАОУ «Гимназия №23»
Михалева Н.Г.
• The official song of the USA is “the Star-Spangled
Banner”(«Звездное знамя») (written by Francis
Scott Key) It is devoted to the National Flag
• The national song (the Americans want it to be
the official song of their country) is “America, the
• People from other countries know it well. They
sing it using their countries’ names instead of the
name “America” in it.
the Flag
It is called “Stars and Stripes”
It has 50 stars which
represent 50 states and 13
stripes which represent
original 13 colonies
The colours are symbolic:
Red -hardness and valour
White -purity and innocence
Blue -justice
the Bald Eagle
(белоголовый орлан)
• It was chosen because of
its long life, great strength
• At that time Americans
thought this bird existed
only on the American
• This bird symbolises
independence and
“Uncle Sam”
• it’s a tall white-haired man with a
white goatee (козлиная бородка)
and a star-spangled suit
• Many people think it was named
after Samuel Wilson who was a
businessman and in 1812 supplied
the U.S. army with beef in barrels.
On the barrels letters “U.S.” were
written. One of the workers said
that U.S. stood for Uncle Sam
• This symbol is still spirit of the USA
the Statue of Liberty
• It’s a present from France to the
American people. (on July 4th, 1884)
• It was a symbol of a great hundredyear international friendship
between America and France during
the American revolutionary war.
• The Statue of Liberty was originally a
black woman.
• But then it was changed to a white
woman because it would hurt the
feelings of the South that lost the
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
• It’s in South Dakota
• It represents the first 150
years of the history of the
• It’s 18 metres high
• It covers 5.17 km and
1,745 m above sea level
• The presidents are:
Th.Jefferson, J.Madison,
the Motto
• The National American motto is
“In God We Trust”