From Anchorman to The Wizard of Oz and ABBA to Zepplin: An

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Transcript From Anchorman to The Wizard of Oz and ABBA to Zepplin: An

Making the Dismal Science
Less Dismal: An Economic
SONG and Dance
Incorporating Music into the
Economics Classroom
Brian O’Roark – Robert Morris University
What’s all the fuss about?
the economists
 Money Talks
Music for Econ – lives!
Now housed on No
passwords required.
 Songs are played from the CC server
 Choose high quality or standard and enjoy.
 Seems to work better with Firefox
Creating a Classroom Community
Becker and Watts (2006) – encourage the
discipline to “teach economics in as many ways
as possible”
 Music creates a classroom community where
students share a common experience -- this
makes students want to come to class!
 What are the costs/benefits?
I play the animations before class begins and
synchronize the start of the class with the end of the
This creates a welcoming environment that is also rich
in content.
Fair Use Debate
 Key
questions of court look at whether
economic harm occurs to copyright holder
 Fair Use is a user’s right
 Supreme Court views this as a way to
keep copyrights from violating the First
 Courts use the rule of reason to
determine fair use
 Did you transform the media?
 Is what was taken appropriate
No worries!
 There
is very little chance you will
actually get sued.
 Cease and Desist is the preferred path.
 No cases against educators brought by
an American media company.
Getting Started
am not technically gifted
 I don’t teach with Power Point
 Specific software isn’t necessary
 I fancy myself as a director not an actor
 This involves a degree of creativity
 A good presentation is NOT all
A few tips from:
it your own – have fun insert
yourself in the song.
 Song choice is everything
 Make
Molasses to Rum to Slaves – Bad
Money Talks – Good
How do students benefit?
 Seeing
economics in action
 Apply it themselves – making music
 Semester review
 End of semester XC
Q1. Do you feel that playing music animations before
class starts adds to the educational environment?
Really great way to kick start
the class. Makes me think
and ask questions. Also
gives the music more
meaning that it used to!
I definitely think the music
adds to the educational
environment. It helps to
think about economic
principles in scenarios other
than a graph on a slide that
we can't really relate to. It
helps to bring the learning
full circle.
Question 1 Response
Q2. Do you always pay attention to the
economic explanations in the animations?
I do because they are a nice way
to break up a large amount of
information. Relating economics
to everyday life helps me to
better understand the concepts.
No, not always. If I really like the
song anyway I will definitely pay
attention to the economic
explanations but if I do not like
the song I will usually just listen.
Question 2 Response
Most of the Time (224)
I try to do my best. Sometimes
when the songs are really fast
it's more difficult to finish reading
everything, but I always try.
Some of the Time (50)
Never (19)
Q3. Do you feel that playing music animations before
class adds to the social environment of class (i.e.
creates a more relaxed atmosphere)?
I think it does create a more
relaxed atmosphere, especially
when it's a popular song that
most students know.
Yes, I actually met two really
good friends by just conversing
about the song that was on.
It makes the class more current
and interactive.
A little bit. I think it shows that
the professor isn't gung-ho on
strict, boring lectures.
no, it makes people talk louder
(and its too early in the day!)
Question 3 Response
Positive (289)
Lukewarm (3)
Negative (2)
50 Years of Economic Songs:
From the Beatles to
Brian O’Roark – Robert Morris University
Dirk Mateer – University of Arizona
Kim Holder – University of West Georgia
 Suggestions
for new songs?
 This
has been talked about on websites
and blogs, but if there’s an education
center who could help promote this, or a
 Any