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Transcript SMART GOALS

are they?
Why use them?
How do you write them?
Why SMART Goals?
Goals are something that you want to
achieve in the future
SMART goals assist in “getting focused” on
where to put effort
SMART goals help define exactly what the
“future state” looks like and how it will be
SMART goals
Specific and Measurable
– Poor goal: I want to be a fit soccer player
– Good goal: As a midfielder, I want to improve
my endurance by running for thirty minutes
three or four times a week
SMART goals
Attainable and Results-based
– There is no point setting a goal that you
cannot reach; you are not setting yourself up
for success, but failure
– Set goals that you can achieve, and then once
you achieve them, set new ones
– Goals should push for an end result –
something YOU want to see happen
SMART goals
– Make a detailed plan with a time frame for
when and how the goal is to be achieved
– Write goals down
SMART goals
Putting the pieces together…
Tips for achieving your goals
Choose a goal: be very specific
Write it down
List what you need to reach your goal
List what you need to do to reach your goal
Set a date for reaching your goal
Plan how you will reward yourself
Sample Goal #1:
By 17 December, I would like to
improve my homework habits by
working without the TV, phone, or
internet as a distraction for 30 solid
minutes, each day that I have math
homework. I will record my homework
habits and distractions while doing my
Sample Goal #2:
I want to work more collaboratively
with my peers in class, so I will
volunteer to coach groups when I
understand the solution, and ask my
classmates for help in learning groups
when I need help, instead of
remaining quiet.
Sample Goal # 3:
By the spring SLC time, I want to
improve my resourcefulness when it
comes to math, by increasing the
number of resources I use to learn,
practice, and study by adding 5 new
Sample Goal # 4:
I want to challenge myself more in
math before Christmas break, by
trying to solve 1 blue level homework
question from each homework
Sample Goal # 5:
Since I still struggle with my
multiplication facts, I want to practice
and memorize all of my multiplication
tables by January so that I can solve
problems more quickly and easily.
Sample Goal #6:
I want to stop relying on other people
to help me solve math questions, so I
will look back at my textbook, class
notes, and use Khan Academy videos
and practice to help me solve
problems more independently.