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Transcript TITLE OF PRESENTATION - Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Juliet Bostwick
Programme Lead Nursing
[email protected]
01865 482601
Nursing courses have
existed in Oxford since
Courses we currently offer:
From September 2012:
• Bachelor’s degree in Adult Nursing
• Master’s Degree in Adult Nursing
• Combined Degree in Adult and Mental
Health Nursing
Students in 2013 – meeting
Sir Keith Pearson
Chairman of Health Education England
NMC Competency
Professional Values
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Nursing Practice and Decision Making
Leadership, Management and Team
How are Older People
currently involved in our
How are Older People
currently involved in our
 Recruitment - selection and interview
days, group activity using older person
case studies.
 Placement – we use many placements
providing care and services for older
 Assessment – assignments, Clinical
Curriculum content
 Communication and dignity
 Dignity, Values, attitudes,
person-centred care
 Hearing and sight loss
 The law and the older person
 Carers, families and single
householders in the
 Patient Safety
 Mobility & falls
 Medicines Management
 Care Settings
 Primary and community care
 Hospital Care
 Changes in the Ageing
 Key medical disorders
 Dementia, mental health and
the older adult
 Learning disabilities and the
older adult
 Nutrition and fluids
 Elimination and continence
 Hygiene and infection control
 Pain and pharmacological
Patients and Service Users
‘’The most recent example was the gentleman who came to
talk about living with cancer (which he had done over a
number of years)’’.
‘’ Now retired but still very active, he was able to paint a
picture of his life that lead up to where he is now. He
shared old photos with some students who were
particularly interested. This served to make the point that
the life journey informs who the older person is, and nurses
can provide more person centred care when they engage
with and recognise this’’.
Practice Experience
 Currently Adult Nursing
students have 7 separate
placements in “blocks”
 Half of their course is spent in
placement looking after
patients under the
supervision of their mentor a
qualified Nurse.
 Variety of placements –
Acute, Continuing Care,
Specialist and Primary Care –
all these placements provide
services for older people.
Thank you for listening….
Questions and ….
What would you like us to
include in a Nursing course?