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Contemporary Artist
ACA 2009
Christy Garton
Ghada Amer
b. Cairo, Egypt 1963
About the artist
• Born in Cairo, Egypt 1963
• Educated in France from age 11 to graduate
• Best known for stitched with dangling
• Work speaks of the aspects of women’s
sexuality, desire, and happiness
Encyclopedia of Pleasure 2001
Installation View
Encyclopedia of Pleasure 2001 (details)
Canvas, gold thread on a cardboard frame
Barbie Loves Ken,
Ken Loves Barbie
Embroidery on cotton
Private Rooms 1998
Embroidered sculpture, satin
Le Lit 1997
Le Lit (detail)
Sculpture, matelas brode
Embroidery and
gel on canvas
Betye Saar
b. 1926 Los Angeles, CA
About the Artist
• Born in Los Angles, CA 1926
• Studied design at the University of California
and printmaking at California State
• Best Known for her assemblage works
incorporating found objects that reclaim
derogatory images of Blacks
Mixed media collage
Colored 2002
Mixed media assemblage with hand mirror
Yesteryear 2006
Mixed media assemblage on vintage window
Crossings 2006
Mixed media assemblage
Zena el-Khalil
b. 1976 London, England
About the Artist
• Born in London, England in 1976
• MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NY
• Best known for her mixed media collages
that center on issues of war, love, family, and
religion in relation to time and space she
• Love/ hate relationship with Beirut
American Dreams 2006
Mixed media collage on board
Don’t Call Me Baby
Mixed media collage on board
No Direction
Home Blues
Mixed media collage on board
Shopping for Terrorism 2006
Mixed media on wood
Screaming in Sodeco 2006
Mixed Media on wood