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Welcome to
What is
• “UT Share” identifies a project that provides
solutions to support unlimited possibilities across
the UT System.
• PeopleSoft HR/Finance Implementation is a UT
Share project.
PeopleSoft HR/Finance Implementation is
being shared by
Project Mission & Vision
The mission of UTShare is to implement a common,
standard HCM & FMS system and auxiliary support systems
that provide access to accurate, timely, and relevant data
while using recognized best business practices in a shared
services environment in support of the University of Texas
UT Tyler Steering Committee
Sheryl Dennis
Mary Fischer
Diane Garrett
Sharon Helms
John Kirkpatrick
Holly Landers
Greg Mekalip
Joe Vorsas
Michael O’Dell
Rick Peterson
Dr. Randall Powell
Janet Robertson
Katy Cline
LouAnn Viergever
Dr. Sherri Whatley
Brandon Reynolds
What’s Changing?
• Peoplesoft facilitates and integrates all business
functions, including:
• Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll
(HCM/ Human Resources Management)
• Accounting, Accounts Payables, Purchasing,
Inventory Management, Financials & Management
(FMS/ Financial Management System)
UT Tyler Technical/Dedicated Project Team
Jimmy Cook – Technical Support
James Reed – Technical Support
Diane Garrett – Security
Chris Green – Security
Janet Robertson – Security
Jessica Miller - Project Assistant, Portal
Greg Mekalip – Project Manager
Sharon Helms – Project Manager
What does moving to PeopleSoft mean for
Through the myUTTyler portal all employees can:
• Job Search
• View Compensation history
• Update personal information
• Add Direct Deposit
• Request an Absence (classified/A&P employees)
HR/Finance Past
HR/Finance Present
HR/Finance Future
UT Tyler Data Validation Team
Julie Hicks
Cheryl Martin
Rick Peterson
John Kirkpatrick
Wendy Minix
Ron Rippe
Greg Mekalip
Karen Lutes
Katy Cline
Budgeting will be integrated through Hyperion
and offers
Access to your application, your reports, and your budget w/ a single signon
Includes MSOffice Integration: Word, PPT, Excel, and Outlook
Look and Feel is similar to Windows, so…Easy to Use
PeopleSoft is
• Flexible
• Easy to configure / change
• Powerful
• Fully web enabled
• A more advanced system that offers more
Available financial (FMS) reports include:
• Federal, State and Coordinating Board reports
• Critical Operational reports
• HUB reports
Available HR (HCM) reports include:
• Federal, State and Coordinating Board reports
• Critical Operational reports
Reports can be exported into excel!
Reports that currently run out of DEFINE are being analyzed to see if they need to be
reproduced out of PeopleSoft.
UT Tyler Dedicated Project Team - HR
Mark Clements – HR Lead HR/Recruitment
Lynne Bandy - Benefits
Amy Clem - Benefits, Absence Management
Shannon Chandler – Payroll/ Time & Labor
Joe Vorsas - Reporting
When are we moving?
• April 1, 2013 Implementation
• Financials and Budget
• Human Resources
As we prepare for training, it is important
to remember that even though “how” we
will do something in PeopleSoft is
different from how we do it today, we will
still support the same business processes
and functions.
UT Tyler Training Committee
Faye Ingram – Training Lead
Holly Landers - Finance
Lisa Wyatt - Finance
Katrina Smith – Finance
Kristy Adams - HR
Karen Chudej – HR
Training Timeline
• January 2013
Begin Faculty/HR/Financial Training
• March 15, 2013
Refresher Training / Practice Time in System for
End Users
• April 1, 2013
PeopleSoft & Hyperion Go Live
Training will be ongoing; beginning after the first of the year and
continuing through the Go Live date.
Training will be
• In-person (small groups) and on-line
• by Roles (ie customized for the end user)
• conducted by SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and
those extremely familiar with PeopleSoft
UPK-User Productivity Kit
UPK is the PeopleSoft training player used IN
ADDITION TO in-person training.
End users will be able to
• learn via interactive, web-based simulations
• have access to on-line context-sensitive help
• train at their own pace
• review from their own workstation
Study guides will be available
on-line and in-print
Time & Labor
Each employee can enter their time on-line via
desktop computer, smart phone, iPad, or laptop.
Leave taken will be reported in the system by the
employee and approved by the employee’s
supervisor. An employee can adjust their leave taken in
the system until payroll runs. Any adjustments that need
to be made after payroll has processed will need to be
made manually by the Absence Management (AbM)
Administrator. The designated AbM Administrator will
monitor leave reports to make sure there are no errors
prior to payroll running for each payroll period
UT Tyler Dedicated Project Team - Finance
• Carrie Clayton – Finance Lead General Ledger
• Cindy Troyer- Expenses/AP
• Debbie Gibson - Grants
Brenda Bowie - Asset Mgmt
• Penny Tiner – Purchasing
• Donna Beddingfield – Project Costing
• Sheryl Dennis – Change Mgmt.
• Kristy Adams – Change Mgmt.
• Faye Ingram – Training Coordinator
• Greg Mekalip – AR, Contracts
• Wendy Minix – Financial Reporting
• Phil Smith – Treasury
• Ron Rippe – Commitment Accounting, Commitment Control
• Janet Robertson – Commitment Control
You are a Define User
You have never logged into PeopleSoft
Have we got a deal for you!
Coming in November “Jump Start Friday’s!” Send an e-mail to
[email protected] with “Jump Start” in the subject line
and we will contact you about a convenient session that fits
your schedule.
Jump Start Friday will teach you in 45 minutes or less:
How to Log In to PeopleSoft
How to navigate in PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft terminology
Have Questions?
• Write them on the back of a large pretzel and drop
them in the basket by the door
• email [email protected]
THANK YOU for coming to
Look for updates via e-mail coming soon including:
• More training info and schedules
• UTShare website