Updates Not Affecting PeopleBooks

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Transcript Updates Not Affecting PeopleBooks

CS 9 Bundle #35 Documentation
Academic Advisement
Enhancements in the use of Report Date and As of Date in the Academic Advisement
Setting Up Advisement Report Types.pdf
Managing Batch Academic Advisement Reports.pdf
Producing Academic Advisement Reports.pdf
Campus Community
• Introduction of the Unique Student Identifier
feature to meet legislative requirements for
VET institutions in Australia.
• Setting Up and Managing USI Processes.pdf
• Using Self-Service Campus Personal
• (PeopleSoft Self Service 9.0 PeopleBook)
Financial Aid
• 2015-2016 Aid Year updates for ISIR Load.
– Assessing Eligibility for Financial Aid.pdf
– Defining Application Processing Options.pdf
– Processing Federal Financial Aid Applications.pdf
• 2015-2016 Aid Year updates for Institutional Need Analysis
System, Institutional Methodology (IM INAS).
– Processing INAS.pdf
– Processing and Using Institutional Financial Aid Applications.pdf
• Direct Loan Updates.
– Processing Direct Loans.pdf
• Shopping Sheet Updates.
– Setting Up Your Financial Aid Awarding Cycle.pdf
Financial Aid continued
Updates Not Affecting PeopleBooks
Annual Aid Year changes for PROFILE/Institutional Application
• Setup
– 2015-2016 PROFILE Data Load Parameters
• Processing
PROFILE Import (2015, 2016)
PROFILE Load Summary (2015, 2016)
PROFILE Suspense Management (2015, 2016)
PROFILE Delete (2015, 2016)
Institutional Application Data – Maintain Application (2013-2014,
2014-2015, 2015-2016)
– Financial Aid History – View Archived Application Data (added 20122013)
Financial Aid continued
Annual Aid Year changes for INAS
• Supported Setup and Detail
– View CCYY-CCYY IM EFC Detail (2013-2014, 20142015, 2015-2016)
– View CCYY-CCYY FM EFC Detail (2013-2014, 20142015, 2015-2016)
– INAS CCYY-CCYY Global Options (2013-2014, 20142015, 2015-2016)
• Added to View Archived Application Data
– View 2012-2013 IM EFC Detail
– View 2012-2013 FM EFC Detail
Recruiting And Admissions
• Updates to Prospect/Admissions Data Load
– Managing PeopleSoft Prospect Admissions Data
Load Transactions.pdf
Student Administration Integration
Pack (SAIP)
• Updates to integration handling of future
effective date courses
• Updates Not Affecting PeopleBooks
– An updated Student Administration Integration
Pack for Oracle Academic Enterprise Solutions
– Technical White Paper has been posted (MOS ID
Student Financials
• Introduction of two new OS-HELP loan types
for Australia.
– (AUS) Setting Up and Using Australian Loan
Student Records
• National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) updates
– Consolidating and Reporting Academic Statistics.pdf
– Preparing to Consolidate and Report Academic
• • Activity Management updates
– Setting Up Activity Management.pdf
– Managing Activities.pdf
– Using Self-Service Activity Management.pdf (Campus
Self Service PeopleBook)
Student Records continued
• Program Enrollment updates
– Setting Up Program Enrollment.pdf
– Managing Program Planning and Enrollment.pdf
– Using the Rules Engine for Program Enrollment
Calculation and Evaluation.pdf (Refer to My Oracle
Support Doc ID 1400723.1)
• Class Search Results page update
– Using Self-Service Course Catalog and Schedule.pdf
(Campus Self Service PeopleBook)
• Enrollment Web Services User Guide update
(refer to My Oracle Support Doc ID 1371391.1)