How to Register for Classes

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Transcript How to Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes
Spring 2015
Step One: Advisement
 Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor/
University 101 Professor
 Know what you need to take vs. what you want to
 You will cover everything you need to know about
registration in your UNV 101 class; be sure not to
miss this class!
 Most courses are dependent on your school/major
but there are many general courses you should
consider as well.
Step One: Advisement
To find courses being offered go to:
Step One: Advisement
Meet with your advisor
Before your appointment, it is suggested that you:
 Check off all the classes that you are currently taking on your Major
Worksheet (if you are an Exploring student, you should follow an
Undecided Worksheet.)
 Look at your Major Worksheet and note classes of interest/classes
you need to take for next semester. Note: You will likely take a
combination of core and major courses to have a balanced schedule.
 Familiarize yourself with the class schedule and take into account
your other obligations when thinking about class times that work for
 Review the procedures for online registration through your Portal.
(You will not be registering at your advisement appointment, but you
will need to know how to do so when your date/time arrives.)
 Check to see if you have any “holds” that will prevent you from
registering and take care of them ahead of time.
 Write down any questions you have (and bring them with you!).
Step One: Advisement
How to Check for Holds:
Portal  Student tab  Student Records  View Holds
Step One: Advisement
Sample courses:
 Next English Course (ENG 110  ENG 120)
 Math Course (if applicable)
 CIS 101
 Language Course
 AOK Course(s)
 Major Course(s)
 Learning Community (if not taken first semester)
Step One: Advisement
Refer to the Student Advising Central Website:
Step One: Advisement
At the end of your
advisement appointment,
you should have a
completed schedule grid
 Course names
 CRNs
 Days/times
 Instructor (if available)
 # of credits
 Attributes (what
requirement it fulfills)
Step Two: Registering
Undergraduate Registration begins Monday, November 17, 2014!
Where to Check your Registration Day/Time:
Portal  Student tab  Registration  Registration Status
Step Two: Registering
On your Day/Time, have your completed schedule grid
(or a detailed list of the courses you are planning to
register for) ready, along with any alternative classes
you have selected.
Note: It is always a good idea to check to be
sure the courses you are planning to register
for are still available prior to your registration
time. If a course you want is closed, have an
Step Two: Registering
When it’s your time…Register!
Step Two: Registering
Enter your CRN’s in the boxes provided:
Step Three: After Registration
1. If you have any issues with registration, please contact your
advisor as soon as you can.
2. If you made any changes to your registration that you did not
discuss with your advisor, please do so after you have
registered to confirm that the alternative courses are
3. If a course you wanted was closed, please speak to your
advisor about options.
4. Enjoy the rest of your semester!