BEM - The organization manager and the team

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Transcript BEM - The organization manager and the team

Lim Sei Kee @ cK
Who is involved during events?
Friends, family and volunteers
Events management companies, professional
events organizers
Where to get extra staff?
On-the-job training and the recruitment of staff
from outside.
Events management has to be effective, and
events managers must be good
communicators and good delegators in
situations that may be constantly changing.
Event organizational structures:
 A)
visitor services operations,
 B) support services operations,
 C) marketing,
 D) administration, and
 E) finance.
Ceremony and celebration; food and drink services;
presentation and technical services; support and ancillary
Sales activities, enquiries and ticketing
Accounts and control function, purchasing role
Personnel issues, recruitment and induction, payment of wages
Visitor service
officer (FT)
Manager (FT)
Steward leader
and ticket
officer (PT)
Contract Staff
30 volunteer
stewards and
One supervisor
(PT) and six
staff (V)
Music Officer
This is because there is a need, in an
organization where unfamiliar people are
working together, to know exactly who is in
Communication is everything!
The lines of communication not only pass up and
down the hierarchy but also run from side to side.
Example: Change in music programme, the Music
Officer needs to tell the Visitor Services Officer, also
to information and ticket office
The culture of an organization is thought to
impact on an organization’s efficiency and
ability to do its job.
It is important to organize an effective event,
possibly with a disparate range of people,
whose reasons for being there may be social
rather than commercial.
Membership of the organization
Size of the group
Compatibility of members
Induction and training
Work environment
Nature of the task, funding
Physical environment
Communications and systems
Community of commercial
Organizational culture
Leadership and co-ordination
Stories, rituals and symbols
Organization., control and power
Formal or informal
Scale and success of the event
Talents and skills
Creativity and personality
Values and aspirations
Roles and tasks
Enthusiasm and ability
Volunteers @ Mainz Central
1. What role do the various voluntary organizations
play in making the carnival a success?
2. What is the function of the carnival secretariat?
3. How does the existence of carnival clubs improve the
standard of the carnival and the range of activities
being put on?