A Brighter Future Begins with Everbrite Safety Products

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Transcript A Brighter Future Begins with Everbrite Safety Products

A Brighter Future Begins with Everbrite Safety Products
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About Everbrite Safety Products Pty. Ltd.
Everbrite Safety Products Pty. Ltd. is an Australian owned company
specialising in the development and manufacture of photo luminous
emergency evacuation and guidance systems for domestic, commercial
and industrial use.
Our products are supported by our our company’s team of highly
experienced technical and marketing staff insuring that customers
receive first class service that is in keeping with our first class products.
The technology employed in our entire product range has been
developed by us and is amongst the most advanced of its type in the
world today. The company’s extensive research and development
program insures that our products will remain at the leading edge of
available technology and be the leading product range within the
Everbrite Safety Anti- Slip safety step nosing are formulated with
Crystallite “ Glow in Dark ” (GID) moulded glow stripes. Everbrite
products never stops glowing, require no maintenance and can be used
indoors or out.
Crystallite Glow in the Dark (GID) compounds are specially formulated
from natural mineral phosphors to absorb sunlight during the day and reemit light in darkness. Only visible in darkness, this natural illumination
will light your surface areas from the ground up.
Carefully designed to provide the
utmost safety under foot in wet or
dry conditions day or night.
Suitable for applications indoors or
Ideal for evacuation areas such as
fire escapes, steps, stairs, landings,
ramps, floor rises, and m0re.
• Glows for 12+
hours in complete
• Can penetrate
heavy smoke ,
guiding people to
safety in the event
of fire.
• Never fails;
works even if your
back-up generator
 The glow time for our product is unmatched by anything on the
market giving unparalleled safety to our customers.
 Everbrite’s non-slip profile incorporates our patented glow-in–
the-dark crystal technology to provide optimum safety benefits,
around the home , workplace or public area.
 Everbrite emits a photo luminescent glow that is clearly visible
even in dense smoke conditions.
 We can custom manufacture many different designs of
extrusions to meet a wide variety of needs, both domestic and
Contact Details:
 Dr.Barry Rogers
 Mob: 0481 283 565
 Email: [email protected]
 www.everbritesafety.com
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A Brighter Future Begins with Everbrite Safety Products