Annex05 FAO Goals and priority areas for action in Asia

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Transcript Annex05 FAO Goals and priority areas for action in Asia

FAO goals
and priority areas
for action
in Asia and the Pacific
Global goals
• Reduction of number of hungry
• Elimination of poverty
• Sustainable management and utilization of
natural resources – land, water, air,
climate and genetic resources
Country focus
National medium term priority frameworks
Capacity development, policy and technical
assistance, information dissemination and
knowledge exchange
(Sub-)regional approach to add value
Regional priorities
• Five priority areas for Asia-Pacific
Strengthening food and nutrition security
= eradicate hunger, malnutrition or poverty
by 2050 – the right to food
Promote integrated food-based strategies
+ increasing production and productivity
Advocacy is key thrust
Raising levels of nutrition through
collaboration at national and regional levels
Advocacy –
Small producers, landless and vulnerable
Gender dimensions and child undernutrition
People outside rights based entitlements
Summary of priority 1
Contribute to the eradication of hunger
Support regional initiatives taken by partners
to eradicate hunger and malnutrition
Priority 2
Fostering agricultural production and
rural development
Rural labour and productivity
Standards and regulation for agribusiness
Inclusive agribusiness development
= critical areas for collective action and
Priority 3
Enhancing equitable, productive and
sustainable natural resource
management and utilization
Equitable, productive and sustainable
Protecting integrity
Managing constraints and risks
User or service payment system
Transboundary issues
Action = assessments, policy/technical
support, neutral forum to enhance
Summary of priority 3
Reduce degradation of natural resources
and reach sustainable level of utilization
Develop broad consensus
Increase water productivity
Conserve genetic resources and biodiversity
Priority 4
Improved capacity to respond to food
and agriculture threats and
Emergency response
Early warning and rehabiliatation
Improved resilience and preparedness
Summary priority 4
Shift to broad-based disaster risk reduction
Enhance sub-regional capacity and
emergency response
Priority 5
Climate change and impacts on
agriculture and food and nutrition
Make farming more resilient
Balanced approach to biofuels
Summary on priority 5
Technologies and practices
Reduce contribution
Integrate CC adaptation and mitigation
Technical disciplines and country presence
National – sub-regional (ASEAN, SAARC,
PIF, NE Asia, …)
Assessments – practical stategies – agenda
of actions
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