Nela Gudelj - Regional Cooperation Council

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Transcript Nela Gudelj - Regional Cooperation Council

Proposal of the First Protocol on
Cooperation in Education and Training
Summary of the 3rd Educational
Committee meeting
Nela Gudelj
Chairwoman of the Education committee
of the Association of PSM of SEE
The 3rd Education Committee meeting
Sarajevo, September 29
A very concrete agenda: shared
experience and best practices in
multimedial production, video-journalism
as a step towards transmedia (HRT),
HDTV and 3 D production (TRT)
Summary of the Conclusions of the 3rd
Educational Committee meeting
 Whatever the distribution platforms we use in order to
reach our audiences everywhere and anytime we have
to do so by remaining true to our mission and role we
play as public service media
 We must play a proactive role and reach our for our
audiences on all platforms and through all the channels
 In ocean of information and emerging new digital
identities, new gadgets, delivery platforms and fast
developing production technology, we should never
forget that content is the king and that our audience
deserves to have high programme quality
Our responsibility is much greater with
greater universal accessibility/reach
 In order not to lose our way on the information
highway, we must be gatekeepers of relevant
and verified information, focusing attention on
issues of importance
 New technologies have immense potential, in
this change of information scarcity to surplus, we
should use them with full responsiblity (collective
and individual) to remain a point of reference
and orientation to quality and trust
The Educational Committee agreed to
report to the Board of Directors that..
we will
 with the New Media Commttee of the Association,
launch a survey on “new media” place, usage
development strategy within our institutions in order to
compare and share best practices and to start joint
training actions
 initiate closer cooperation with all the other Committees
of the Association with the same goal
 create a database of internal media experts on regional
level to the benefit of us all
 launch a first call for regional project proposals among
the members of the Association for EU funded projects
and propose priorities established and approved by the
Educational Committee to the Board of Directors
The Educational Committee
agreed on importance on having common
position and development strategy in
which a continuous training is one of very
important pillars
We need a framework and platform for
common and harmonized actions
That’s why we initiated Protocole signing
procedure, supported by RCC
Proactive cross border initiatives:
Why Protocol on training and education?
Enable our staff at all levels to meet present
and future challenges;
Strengthen the contribution of the public service media to
to the development
of modern democratic societies in South East Europe
supporting each other in our mission
The purpose of this Protocol is to confirm
the commitment between the present and
future members of the Association to
develop sustainable cooperation in
education and training, in order to fulfill the
public service remit of the members of the
Protocol is a model exemple to follow..
 Raise professional standards and quality,
efficiency and editorial independence of
public service media;
 Foster and strengthen reliability, diversity
and respect for all layers of society,
including underprivileged, minority and
disabled groups;
 Enhance cooperation and initiatives in
education and training;
This Protocol will enable us to
 Raise awareness of the importance of
education and training within individual public
service media as well as at the regional level;
 Identify best practices and innovation,
especially in sharing expertise in programme
development and service delivery;
 Actively contribute to building common training
and education policy;
Knowing that we all
share a common border, common concerns
and many areas of mutual interest,
Not forgetting that there is a wide range of areas where
we can work more closely together
Overcoming together many obstacles and difficulties,
Whereas benefitting from a more coordinated
approach in exploring future opportunities, by
Learning together how to remain competitive and excellent, by
Educating and training our human capital, through coordinated training actions,
Growing together to new, modern organizations,
Evaluating and appreciating the unique knowledge and expertise of every single
and sharing them together to the benefit of all
 To strengthen editorial independence, market
competitiveness and media ethics
 To promote investigative journalism education,
with focus on anti-corruption, and with
participation of relevant journalists and editors
from each public service media of the region
To support minority journalists’ education –
targeting journalists and editors who cover
minority issues, with a purpose of training them
to cover a wide range of topics
Address prejudices – to change often negative
perceptions and stereotypes among the peoples
in the region about their neighbours
Promote safety, stability and security in the
region:first thematic conference organised by
HRT and RACVIAC in Zagreb, 29th-30th
November on the role of PSM in stability and
security of the region
Find together the way of bridging over the
present and future challenges
These activities, in the form of workshops,
thematic roundtables, conferences or
projects can be organized jointly with the
RCC and the EBU, other relevant
institutions and civil society
Very many possibilities to cooperate
Our mission is the SAME, although we all
live in different societies which have
different problems, WE DO SHARE
ONLY together we can help each other to
move forward
Together to Europe
 EU funded projects, let us realise them together
 SEE initiative is a reality, let us get introduced to
EU with consistent demand to the benefit of us
 EBU is our partner, let us deepen our
cooperation and learn from the best while giving
our own perspectives and experience as a
valuable contribution to EBU
Training year on regional level
Within the frame of this Protocol proposal
The Education Committee proposes to this
Bord of Director to proclaim
The 2012 as The Training year for all the
PSM in the region
based on a good TRT exemple