Destination Marketing ch 6

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Destination Marketing
Chapter 6 Hospitality and Tourism
Destinations= the final step of a journey
or the goal of the traveler
Must know how to get there, climate,
language spoken. What else must we
know before we go somewhere?
 Destination Marketing= the process of
developing, promoting, and distributing
locations to satisfy travelers
Seasonality- the concept that certain
destinations appeal to travelers at certain times
of the year based on climate and location.
Cold Weather or warm weather places
Resorts – provides entertainment, recreation,
and leisure activities, accommodations, and food
Destination resort= resort property in a specific
location with a concentration of resources,
example- Walt Disney
 Cruise Ships
No seasonality- they are in warm places
Theme cruises
Sports, Recreation, and
Entertainment Destinations
Ski resorts
 Golf
 Hunting fishing
 Dude ranch
 Concerts
Amusement Parks
Common trait is the opportunity for guests
to escape the real world and be in the
land of imagination- pg 120 for more
Gaming Facilities
Especially retirees
Pg 125 world’s largest mall info
Basics of Destination Marketing
Travel Agencies- decreasing but still there
Do you think there will be a need for them
in the future?
Intermediary – an agent who does not work
directly for a travel provider but sells his
or her products for a fee. Paid by
Commission{ fee for services based on %
of products sold}
Tour operators- tour wholesaler, assembles
and markets many travel products as a
package like all inclusive
Convention and Visitors Bureaus- an
organization that works with meeting
planners to provide tourists info services
to businesses and leisure travelers
Amusement Park AD
Write a script for a TV ad or RADIO ad that
promotes your favorite amusement park. Include
reasons why people should come to this park
and any specials they have going or new
Should last 30 seconds!
Trade and Government Organizations
American Hotel and Lodging Association
{AH & LA}
 National Restaurant Association {NRA}
 National Tour Association {NTA}
 Cruise Line International Association