Enu-LIFT Sheet-Follower

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Enu-LIFT Sheet-Follower
A Product of Enutron Automation
Effective, simple solution for handling large parts
Reduces a two-man operation to one
Simple add-on to any hydraulic press brake
Ideal solution for productivity and safety
What is the Enu-LIFT ?
 Weight Capacity: 400 lbs (181.5 kg)
Heavy-duty construction
Vertical Adjustment: +/- 60 mm
Horizontal Adjustment: +/- 60 mm
Mechanical Accuracy: +/- 0.2°
Extendable arm for longer parts
Perfect synchronization with bending
Follows material
during bending
phase in perfect
Extendable arm
on Enu-LIFT
allows flexibility
for handling
larger parts
How does the Enu-LIFT work ?
Fixed Mounting
Performed during OEM
construction of press brakes
is permanently
attached to BED
to slide from side to side
on precision linear guide
not in use, operator can
push aside
Ability to move from one
machine to another
Simple plug and play
Quick detach and re-attach
Precision dowel pins to mate
system to press brake BED
Most effective, saving on
cost of labor time as is
involved with fixed system
2-Man Operation
Inconsistent bend angle
throughout length of material
Provides proper/uniform support
for consistent bend
Operator + Enu-LIFT =
 Due to difference of individual
operator handling
 Lack of proper surface contact w/
Financial burden: Two operators
performing the same job?
Stand-Alone CNC
Simple to operate!
Designed for press brakes
that cannot currently control
sheet-following system
Stand-alone system
Simply enter material
information and tooling
CNC automatically calculates
point of following
Linear scale monitors live
movement of ram
Increased productivity
Safer operation
Professional results
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