High School 101

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Transcript High School 101

What I wish I knew as a
9th grader
The Unofficial Guide to
High School
Graduation Requirements
• All students must earn 26 credits to
• Classification:
6 – 11 ½ Sophomore
12 – 18 ½ Junior
19 +
• 9th graders will not have a rank/GPA until
their 9th grade year is complete.
Students will have the opportunity to earn
8 credits per year
Students are given the opportunity to earn
a total of 32 credits.
Students must earn 26 credits to
Foundation Plan with an
English – 4.0
Mathematics – 4.0
Science – 4.0
Social Studies – 3.0
Health – 0.5
Communications– 0.5
Fine Arts – 1.0
Physical Education – 1.0
Foreign Language – 2.0
Endorsement– 4.0
Electives – 2.0
Total = 26 credits
STARR testing
• 5 STARR tests for graduation
English 1 (9th)
Algebra 1 (9th)
Biology (9th)
English 2 (10th)
US History (11th)
Grading/Grade Point Average
All high school credits calculate in GPA,
even credits from middle school.
A failed grade never disappears from the
transcript and is always part of your GPA
Courses taken virtual, credit by exam or
by correspondence also count in GPA
Ways to Boost your GPA
o Make all A’s
o Take summer classes and make A’s
o Take weighted classes (extra 10
o Pre-AP
o AP
o Dual Credit
Sample GPA
English 1 – 92
Biology – 87
Algebra 1 – 85
World Geography – 64
French – 88
Theater – 94
Health – 98
Athletics – 100
GPA – 88.75
PAP English 1- 95 (105)
PAP Biology – 92 (102)
Algebra 1 – 92 (102)
AP Human Geography-96 (106)
French- 92
Athletics- 100
GPA- 100.12
• Students are allowed 9 absences (excused or
unexcused) per class per semester . Parents
must call or send a signed note when the
student returns to school for it to be excused.
• 10 or more absences (excused or unexcused) in
the same class will result in an absence failure.
• Students are responsible for clearing absence
failures with their assistant principal.
• Students will have to attend evening or Saturday
School sessions in order to regain credit.
Get Involved!!!!
High School will provide an opportunity
for involvement in many clubs and
We highly encourage participation in
extracurricular activities.
Studies show that students who are
involved in extra-curricular activities make
better grades and are better prepared for
life during and after high school.
Extra-curricular Activities
• Athletics – Volleyball, Football & Basketball
If you are interested in other sports, please
contact the high school coach of that sport.
• Cheerleading and Drill Team – determined by
try-outs in the spring.
• Other activities include class officers, club
officers, One Act Play, UIL Band and Choir
contests, Academic UIL, ROTC, Student Council,
theater production/stage crew, Key Club, NHS,
FCA, HOSA, etc…
Study Skills/Tips
 Get organized by using a planner, my homework app, calendar app, set
 Discover your learning style (visual, auditory, tactile) to maximize success.
 Manage your time wisely by setting up time for study, time for breaks, time
for social events to get everything done.
 Have a comfortable, quiet place to study
 Don’t procrastinate – refer to #1 and #3
 Actively listen in class and take notes, make flash cards, copy notes or
utilize other techniques to cement ideas/concepts.
 Do all reading and homework, consider taking notes on reading to ensure
you are comprehending the reading assignments
 Consider forming study groups with other classmates to maximize
understanding of ideas/concepts
 Work on stress management techniques to not get overwhelmed
Kim Wilson (A-Car) – [email protected]
Christy Longoria (Cas-Col) – [email protected]
Lea Lester (Com-Gl) – [email protected]
Staci Ross (Gm-Le) – [email protected]
Jennifer Todd (Lf-Pe) – [email protected]
Margie Tyrone (Pf-Ta) – [email protected]
Christy Longoria (Tb-Z) – [email protected]
Lori Cook (student support) – [email protected]