An Overview

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Transcript An Overview
An Overview
Five Levels of Access
✓School Site Executive
✓Career Choices
✓General Teacher
School Site Executive
Each participating school selects a School
Site Executive to:
Coordinate and manage the website
Set up accounts for teachers, advisors, & staff
Manage the student seat licenses
Troubleshoot and provide technical assistance to
staff and students
• Oversee security of the site and student accounts
School Site Executive
CC Teachers
General Teachers
Name, School ID, Grade,
Username, Password, etc.
Staff Account Set-Up
Each school site executive may activate
accounts for an unlimited number of Career
Choices teachers, general teachers, and
Career Choices teachers are allotted a portion
of the student seat licenses.
Student Account Set-Up
Then Career Choices teachers
create accounts for their students
limited by the quota set by their
school site executive.
Student accounts can be created
manually one at a time or created
through an import function available
to the school site executive.
Career Choices teachers have the option to
enable the online pre-course survey, which
students take within the first week of class.
The post-survey, re-taken at the end of the course,
provides data to measure how the class
influenced students’ attitudes about high school,
post-secondary education, and their future career
and lifestyle goals.
These options are set when student accounts are
initially created.
The Workbook Data
Students will complete the entire Workbook in class, but
they will only need to enter culminating information into from:
Pages 6, 11, 28, 42,
62, 68-73, 83, 109,
111-113, 116-118,
and 121-124
Data Entry Options
You can assign students to enter the data from their
Workbook in a variety of ways:
• Throughout the course as the Workbook is
• All at once at the end of the course in 2 to 3 class
• As their take-home final, during the last two weeks of
the course
Entering Data is Easy
Students use the left-side
navigation of their login to
choose where to enter their
data from the appropriate
Workbook pages.
The “Edit Your Plan” sections
match the headlines on the
Workbook page.
For Example:
By clicking on
Envisioning Your
Future, students go
to the section where
they enter their data
from page 6 of their
Summary Page…
A Snapshot of Dreams & Plans
In addition to the more detailed plans, very
specific data is captured, summarized, and
transferred to the student’s Summary page,
which is viewable by all teachers and advisors
with access to
This encapsulated version has been designed to
be reviewed quickly in only a minute or two,
providing a comprehensive snapshot of a
student’s plans, goals, and dreams.
Viewing Plan Summaries
The Summary Page provides a valuable tool
so all teachers and counselors can provide
quantitative and qualitative advisory support.
Easy to use
Readily available
Dynamic for updating
Email a Student
Student email addresses are not required, but if they are
available, teachers and advisors can easily email their
students with questions, reminders, or notes of
An Online Portfolio
Students will also use this online tool to
store important pieces of their portfolios,
including resumes and any other documents
they will need to apply for jobs,
scholarships, or college admittance.
The Hardcopy Portfolio
By following the directions on pages 125-126 of
the Workbook/Portfolio, students can create
their Career Portfolio Notebook by printing out
their online activities.
This notebook is ideal for:
• College interviews
• Job interviews
• Career planning
Show a Parent/Friend
Parental support is important so students can send
a copy of their plan summary to a friend or family
member by going to Show a Friend/Parent in the top
navigation of
They can also use the Printer-Friendly Version tab
to print a simple, clean copy of their summary or any
of their completed activities.
A variety of career and college research links are available
to students in the Resources section of
These links can be used to access SAT info, search for
colleges, and show students how much they can expect to
earn in the occupations that interest them.
Saving Their Portfolio Data
Because the development of a Career
Portfolio is a lifelong effort, students will be
able to download a read-only version of their
plan and portfolio items before they
graduate so that they can save their data on
their own computer.
Comprehensive Guidance
According to recent studies, advisory
programs and efforts that truly deliver on the
promise of personalized education are among
the most effective high school reform
With school-wide
comprehensive guidance is now possible.
Make Personalization Possible
• allows teachers,
counselors, administrators, and parents to
easily track and provide support for students'
individualized, career-inclusive education
This is the gold-standard of