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SATAID Data Automatic Download Japan Meteorological Agency

February 2012

Step 0. Introduction

• • • • SATAID (Satellite Animation and Interactive Diagnosis) is application software developed by JMA and freely available to National Meteorological Services (registration required).

SATAID enables you to visualize satellite images, NWP and other observation data (SYNOP, SHIP etc.), which will greatly help your weather analysis and forecast. With only your PC (Microsoft Windows 2000 or later) with Internet access, you can download SATAID data automatically and use it operationally.

SATAID application and its dada are provided as a service of WMO DCPC operated by JMA.


Step 1. Copy "wis" folder

• • Download compressed "wis" file.

Uncompress "wis" file and copy "wis" folder on your PC. " wis " [Example] folder copied under E drive

Step 2. Edit "WIS.ini"

• • All of your setting is saved in "WIS.ini" file in "Program" folder.

Open "WIS.ini" with your editor (Notepad etc.), edit and overwrite.

" WIS.ini


Step 2. Edit "WIS.ini"

Step 2-1 Step 2-2 Step 2-3 Step 2-1

Enter time difference between UTC and your PC built-in clock (default: 09 hours)

Step 2-2

Select your area code (see next slide) (default: nc)

Step 2-3

Specify cutout area in latitude and longitude (default: 115E-155E, 10N-50N) [Notes] The cutout area should be the same or smaller than the original data area selected at step 2-2.

For southern or western hemisphere, negative number is used (e.g. 20S = - 20, 160W = - 160).

SATAID data area provided by JMA DCPC

nw (65N-5S,80E-145E), se (6N-65S,135E-160W), nc (55N-15S,90E-155E), ne (65N-5S,135E-160W) sw (6N-65S,80E-145E) sc (15N-55S,107.5E-172.5E)

Step 2. Edit "WIS.ini"

Step 2-4

Downloaded data are stored in the following three folders.

1." sataid_data_org " (original satellite image and NWP data) 2." sataid_data_cut " (cutout image data) 3." obsdata " observation data (SYNOP etc.) [Notes] - If you wish to keep downloaded SATAID data for your archive, please copy the above folders manually to your hard disk etc.

- In case you change your setting (area etc.), please delete all the files in the above folders before you start downloading.

*** Edit data delete setting *** Edit how long (number of days) you need to store the data in the above 3 folders.

Default is all "14" which means the data created 14 days ago or older will be automatically deleted.

Step 2-6 Step 2-5

Enter user ID and password.

In case your network uses proxy server, enter the proxy address and port number, delete comment mark “ ’ ” at the beginning of the line, and set "Use_proxy" option "on". Default is: ' Https_proxy ' http://:/ Use_proxy off

Step 3. Start auto updating

• Double click "Sataid_Loop.bat" in "wis" folder • Select satellite channel and NWP, and observation data VIS: visible (0.55-0.90 micron) IR1: Infra-red 1 (10.3-11.3 micron) IR2: Infra-red 2 (11.5-12.5 micron) WV: Water Vapor (6.5-7.0 micron) IR4: Infra-red 4 (3.5-4.0 micron) GSM: JMA’s Global Spectral Model • Select duration of SATAID animation time (06, 12, 24, 36 hours) • Select "Start Program" and downloading will start.

Step 4 & 5. Stop and close program

Step 4

To stop downloading, select "Stop Program"

Step 5

To close the program, click "Exit" [Notes] If you close the panel by clicking " x " mark at upper right-hand corner, or clicking " Exit " during download processing, the scripts may remain running. In that case, open the panel again and close it by clicking " Exit " .

Use SATAID operationally!!

Dvorak Analysis NWP overlaid Surface observation overlaid SATAID Operation Manual is available at