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Rajesh R. Pal
DOB :- 06/09/1981
Mobile :- 9772050214, 9680813908
Email :- [email protected]
Objective :- To obtain a challenging position which utilizes my knowledge and skills to the
best of my potential and offers further opportunity for growth.
Addition Information
Personal Information
Present company : Intech Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
Name :-
Rajesh Rameshchanra Pal
Present location :-
Address :-
99 - Normal Park Society,
Pali, Rajasthan
Present Department :-
Behind Sir Hind Mill,
Present Designation :-
Shift Incharge
Odhav Road. Pin : 382415
Present selary :-
4.2 Lac/A
Dist : Ahmadabad,
Excepted selary :-
Gujarat ( India )
Notice period :-
1 Months
Language known :- Gujarati, Hindi, English
Total Experience :-
15 years
Sex :- Male,
Marital status :- Married
Academic Qualification
Year passing
Present Company
Presently working with Intech Pharma Private Limited at Dist.Pali,Rajasthan
as SHIFT INCHARGE in Production Department Since November-2015 to Till Date
CompanyProfile :- Intech Pharma Private limited ( IPPL )
Intech Pharma Private Limited (IPPL) Was Established in the year 1999. The plant located
in Goa & Rajasthan. IPPL manufactures Methyl Bromide (MBr) & businesses across India
and Overseas as well. Its product, Methyl Bromide sold in cylinder & canister. IPPL is the
only Company in India, that MBr Canisters of 680 Gms and 454 Gms. As Warning agent
Clouropicrin (Methyle Nitro Chlouroform) is used in MBr.
Product Profile :- Methyl Bromide ( MBr )
MBr is a colourless Highly Toxic volatile liquid and gas. Boiling Point 3.56°C (38.4°F).
Usually odorless but has sweet Chloroform odor at high concentration. MBr Process allow
for good control of the Exothermic Reaction ( 0.1kg/cm2 ). It retards the formation of
Di-methyl Ether & produce Methyl Bromide high yield and purity
Previous Company
Lucid collisions Limited
Plant Technician
Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Production Department
Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd. Plant Operator
Ankleshwer, Gujarat.
Production Department
Micro Polymer Pvt. Ltd.
Plant Operator
Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
Production Department
GSP Crop Science Pvt.Ltd.
Plant Operator
Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
Production Department
Anil Strech Limited.
Ahmadabad, Gujarat
Since, October - 2014
To, November - 2015
Since, February - 2012
To, October -2014
Since, August - 2010
To, January - 2012
Since, December – 2004
To, July - 2010
Since, April - 2000
Production Department
To, June - 2002
Job Profile
handling of bromination, Formation, product purification, distilation, condensation,
neutralization, Sulphonation, Acetylation, Isomerization, Batch Preparation, filling &
packing, tanker loading & unloading, plant utilities, other general works, etc.
handling of glass lined & ss reactors, glass lined & ss distillation column, glass lined & ss
condenser & scrubbers, vaccum pumps & steam jet ejector,Centrifuge, ANF, heat exchanger,
different types of pumps, dryer, filter, Plf, fbd, Storage tank, Tank Farm area, etc.
handling chemicals - bromine, methanol, sulphuric acid, sulphur, caustic soda, methyl
bromide, hydrogen bromide, chloropicrin, xylene, tolvine, lpg gas, isopropyl, ammonia,
mineral turpentine oil, di methyl sulphate, methyle di chlouride, ,acetic anhydride, ethyl
acetate, dmpat,
knowledge of 5's, fire & sefaty, First Aid, ERT, DCS, PLC, ISO, Documentation.
Area's of Expertise
Supervision Skills
Work Place Safety
Work Priority
Suggestion and ideas
Process Operations
Good Work Practice
Scheduled Work
Manpower Handling
Emergency Handling
Communication skill
Cost Saving
I do hereby declare that all the above information furnished by me is true to the best
of my knowledge.
Place :- Rajasthan
Date :-
Name :- Rajesh R. Pal