Service Learning Lunch and Learn Powepoint

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Service Learning at UCO
Lunch and Learn
November 12, 2015
Rachelle Franz, Ed.D.---SL Faculty Liaison and Asst. Professor
in KHS Dept.
Patrick Tadlock, M.Ed.--- Director, Volunteer and Service
Learning Center
• Define service learning
• Address the four critical phases of service learning
• Discuss student knowledge and engagement
• Provide examples on how service learning can be integrated into
What is Service Learning?
• “Education in action where students serve their communities by offering knowledge,
skills, and time (Zinger & Sinclair, 2010)
• “A way of teaching and learning that involves students in addressing community
problems” (Kielsmeier, 2010)
• A way of learning that “combines rigorous academic study with voluntary community
service” (Permaul, 2009)
• “Innovative pedagogy that enriches classroom practice, as well as an avenue to civic
engagement” (Bowen & Kiser, 2009)
Service Learning at UCO
• Service Learning is a pedagogy that exposes students to the
needs of the larger society by combining service with explicit
learning objectives and deliberate reflection, giving equal
benefits to both the provider of the service and the recipient to
ensure equal focus on both the service being provided and the
learning that is occurring.
Why Service Learning
• According to New Horizons for Learning (2005) students benefit by:
– Increased interest in academic study
– Respecting diversity of others
– Continuous reflection throughout the project
– Feeling as if they are providing relevant solutions to community problems
Phases of Service Learning
• Preparation
• Action
• Reflection
• Demonstration
What Resources Do We Offer
• Service Learning Scholars- Spring 2016
• One-on-One Help- schedule with Patrick or Rachelle
Time to Brainstorm...
Key Components:
1. Community Need and Community Partner
2. Connect SL to Student Learning Outcomes
3. Reflection and Assessment
Questions, Ideas, Comments…
Rachelle Franz
[email protected]
Patrick Tadlock
[email protected]
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