Foundations of America Education & Field Experience 1

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Transcript Foundations of America Education & Field Experience 1

Educational Psychology &
Clinical Experience 2
Karen Davis, M. Ed
Coordinator for Teacher Education, Certification/Clinical
[email protected]
Office: EDU 207
Requirements for admission into
Internship Education Program
Need to meet all requirements before Internship
semester starts
¾ of major classes
Completion of all PTE courses except last 12 hrs
Passing score for the OSAT
2.75 or 3.00 last 30 hrs @ UCO
Foreign Language
C or better all Major classes (4x12 Elem/EC/SPED)
More information on line at tab Teacher Education
• OGET- OK General Ed Test
Must pass prior to admitted into TES
• OSAT- OK Subject Area Test
Must pass prior to Student Teaching
• OPTE PK – 8 OK Professional Teachers’ Exam
Elementary/Early Childhood
OPTE 6 – 12 OK Professional Teachers’ Exam
Secondary Ed majors
• PK-12 certification majors can take either
OPTE PK-8 or 6-12 ONLY ONE!!
• ORT – OK reading test
Elementary/Early childhood/ SPED
Must pass for degree to post
Ed Psych Clinical Experience #2
• Purpose:
• Provide opportunity to apply & analyze educational theories &
practices addressed in university course work involved in helping
all students learn.
• Scope:
• Working directly with students
• Assist & participate in co-teaching opportunities with the
Mentor teacher
• Teaching a minimum of one planned lesson to whole class
• Become familiar with reports, lesson plans and other
responsibilities of a teacher
Important Dates to
Sept 8-12:
Have applied and paid for background check
Purchase Passport & submit CODE of ETHICS
to TES
Sept 5:
Deadline to Apply for Student Teaching
Sept 14:
You will receive an email of school placement
SEPT 15:
Report to School on MONDAY, 2:00 pm
Report to clinical experience school site or
call when you will report
Oct 6-10:
Verify placement information
Nov 10-14:
Last week to complete hours
Nov 21:
Deadline to upload log sheets
Dec 8-12:
Finals Week
New Background – Trak 1
• CEPS website
• $10.29 must renew yearly
• or
• 24 – 48 hours--reports available
• DO NOT Print out report and turn into EDU
--------------------- Student Instructions – Background Checks ---------------
Background Check
University of Central Oklahoma – Teacher Education Services (TES) has chosen Trak-1 as an approved
provider of background checks for students.
About Trak-1 is a company that provides a background check service that allows students to order their
own background check online for a low cost of $10.29. Information collected through Trak-1 is secure,
tamper-proof, and kept confidential. The services performed by Trak-1 are based on guidelines provided
by the University of Central Oklahoma and in accordance with the Oklahoma State Department of
Education. Results are delivered to the student and the university. It may take up to 72 hours to process
a background check.
Ordering Instructions
Go to, scroll down to the “quick links”, click on “Trak-1 background checks”
Read through the FAQ. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to be re-directed to the Trak-1
Fill out the requested information. Be sure to select the appropriate department or Teacher
Education, then select major. (For example: Teacher Education – major: English Education) An
email will be sent for verification of email address and as an invitation to complete the
background check application.
Follow the online instructions and submit payment of $10.29.
Backgrounds expire after one year. You will be able to renew at the same rate of $10.29.
Once your order is submitted, if requested, you will receive a copy of your background check via email
from Trak-1. Another copy will be sent to the appropriate coordinator at UCO. Results are typically
available within 24 – 48 hours, though some searches take longer so please allow adequate time.
**If something is reported on your background check that is not related to your actions contact Trak-1
for the dispute at no charge, or call 1.800.600.8999 and ask
for the consumer dispute department.
**Do NOT jeopardize your placement. Do background check ASAP.**
Code of Ethics
- Now in passport under field experience
- Automatically submits to Teacher Education Services
- - Must be on file before you will receive your placement
Have been notified by email - fax and phone
No changing school placements
Placing 450 students this semester
Must contact school on 1st day to report--If
unable to attend do not wait two months to
call and reschedule.
Mentor Teacher
Please give the booklet the first day. Read it yourself.
Have the mentor sign the log sheet to confirm 30 hours
completed. Tell him/her about the assessment that will
come from you.
Your placement will be:
• SPATH (Bachelor degree) – regular elementary classroom
• SPATH (graduate program)- Practicum placement
• Early Childhood – PK – 3 grade
• Elementary 1 – 6 grade
• Secondary – 6 – 12
• PK – 12 certification: (Electives/SPED) Elementary/
Middle school or High School
Fall/Spring 2013
Please review information below and make corrections as needed.
Section #:
Student Name :
Student ID: ___________________
Phone Number: ________________________
Subject: __________________
(If you teach multiple subjects please write Elementary, Early Childhood, or Special Education)
Grade/s: ___________________
School Address:
If Teacher Name says ‘default’ or lists the wrong teacher’s name please write correct name.
Mentor Teacher Name: __________________________
(Last, First)
Mentor Teacher E-Mail:
I have checked the placement verification information and have made all corrections.
Must meet low economic and multicultural
FE 1
Foundations MS
> or =40%
>or = 25%
Only one:
Low Economic
FE 2
Ed Psch
Santa Fe
FE 3
St Teaching
Creek HS
Partnership Schools
• Purple pages in document protectors
• Pick district only
• Mileages is one way from UCO
Enrollment information for clinical
• Application
– Front: write clearly-- especially emails
– Back: sign and date. Answer correctly. If you have
concerns, come see me in EDU 207.
• CRN (section) # & Professor name on the board
• Conflict of interest
• Must have before you leave today
• What must you do ASAP?
• What must be submitted into your passport before
going to placement?
• What date do you report to your placement?
• If you can’t report on the 1st day what do you do?
• Where is my office located?
• When can you apply for Student Teaching?
• What is the deadline?
• What test do you need to pass?