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Recent two weeks(1)
Implemented Binh's nonconvex method for
both ST25D and ST25DNCP(nonlinear friction model)
Tested the implementation using the round finger experiment.
Able to resolve incorrect sticking
Updated the sourceforge svn.
Kept both linear and nonlinear friction model implementations.
The new one is named ST25DNCP
Redid the calibration of experiments in Paper.
 Square finger experiment series:
results improved, especially for previously worst one
 Round finger experiment series:
results improved, but still problem noticed
Recent two weeks(2)
Prepared and attended NEMS and gave presentation with Jeremy
A few interesting research works worthy to learn more
Mo-cap system
Set up four cameras using tripod with Jeremy
Get familiar with the software and calibrated the cameras
Collected some random tracking result and Jeremy is about to write a general
script to filter the messy results
Next work
Sum up previous work and Explore new direction on experiment
DVC2d, a few work options
Support general tripod
Improve the collision detection for nonconvex
Nonlinear object support?
Mo-cap system
Keep getting involved