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Modified Cycle Ergometer
Danielle Lawson, Ashley Niday
Advisor: Dr. Michael Madigan
The Goal: Currently, there are no cycle ergometers that
have features such as stability for a user with tremors,
load capacity over 400lbs, large, easy-to-read monitors
with audible features, and a Braille keypad. In response
to this, the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
on Accessible Medical Instrumentation in conjunction
with the University of Connecticut and Marquette
University has created a design competition that we are
going to enter.
Base Unit: LifeFitness RT4
Executive Summary: Our customers consist of people with
medical conditions which include obesity, poor eyesight,
blindness, Parkinson’s disease, and limited arm function. A
few of the modifications that we are making to accommodate
these individuals are listed below:
• Monitor
– Braille keypad
– Audible features
– Magnifying plate
• Pedals
– Larger surface area
– Supportive heel cup and straps
• Seating
– Adjustable
– Large supportive surface area for back and base
Team Members:
Key figure showing your
design and/or results
Goal: (using 2-3 sentences, concisely describe
the motivation for your project and what you
will deliver)
Picture of the team
members (to be taken at
progress reports)
Executive Summary: Concise description of
your project and accomplishments.