3. Muscle and Nervous Tissue WEB

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Transcript 3. Muscle and Nervous Tissue WEB

Muscle & Nervous Tissue
Four Basic Kinds of Tissues
Epithelial Tissue
Connective Tissue
Muscle Tissue
Nervous Tissue
Muscle Tissue
Associated with the bones of the skeleton, the heart,
blood vessels, and hollow organs of the body
• Muscle functions:
Maintain posture
Produce heat
Facial expressions
Circulate blood
Regulate blood flow
Move secretions
Three types:
1. Skeletal
2. Cardiac
3. Smooth
1. Skeletal Muscle
Striated, voluntary, multinucleate
2. Cardiac Muscle
Striated, involuntary, central nucleus
3. Smooth Muscle
Non-striated, involuntary, central nucleus
Nervous Tissue
Main component of the nervous system (brain,
spinal cord, nerves)
• Conducts electrical impulses
• Conveys information from one area to another
2 basic types of cells:
• Neurons
– Transmit information
• Neuroglia
– Help supply nutrients to neurons
Nervous Tissue
Time to Review
Nervous tissue - neuron
Muscle tissue - skeletal
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Muscle tissue - smooth
Muscle tissue - cardiac