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Business Intelligence
Group 10
Beny. Erlien. Febrian. Billy
Business Intelligence
Refers to the use of technology to collect and effectively use information to improve
business effectiveness.
An ideal BI system gives an organization's employees, partners, and supplier's easy
access to the information they need to effectively do their jobs, and the ability to
analyze and easily share this information with others
Evolution of Business Intelligence
ComputerBased System
What BI offers?
√ Solutions to Business Problems
√ Eliminate guesswork
√ Get key business metrics reports
when and where enterprise need
√ insight into customer behavior
√ identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities
√ streamline operation
√ Improve efficiency
√ Flexible analytics solution for
changing business scenarios and
Benefits of Business Intelligence
Improved operational and strategic decisions from better and
more timely information
Improved employee communications and job satisfaction
resulting from a greater sense of empowerment
Improved knowledge sharing.
BI for banking
Important area covered:
Analytical Customer Relationship Management;
Bank Performance Management;
Enterprise Risk Management;
Asset and Liability Management; and
BI Credit risk management should
Collections Analysis
Involved Party Exposure
Credit Risk Assessment
Non-Performing Loan Analysis
Credit Risk Mitigation Assessment
Outstanding Analysis
Customer Credit Risk Profile
Portfolio Credit Exposure
Debt Restructure Analysis
Security Analysis
By : Ćirić & Mirčetić, 2008
BI Banking implementations:
• Historical Trend Analysis
• Customer relationship management
• Risk Management
• Regulatory Compliance
Building a Business Intelligence
Storage and computing hardware
Applications and data sources
Data integration
Relational databases and data warehouses
OLAP applications and analytic engines
Analytic applications
Information presentation and delivery products
BI Infrastructure (Banking)
BI Applications
BI Applications (cont…)