2008 Inaugural FHSAA Competitive Cheerleading Championships

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Transcript 2008 Inaugural FHSAA Competitive Cheerleading Championships

All questions and/or inquiries regarding the
competition itself can be directed to:
Kellie Doucette
Director of Athletics for
Competitive Cheerleading
Inquiries will only be answered for
Head Varsity Competitive Cheer Coaches!
you haven’t done so already,
please visit SportsRez to make your
State Championship accommodation
reservations for your team and fans!
http://sportsrez.com/ to plan
your trip!
Osceola Heritage Park – Silver Spurs Arena
1875 Silver Spur Lane
Kissimmee, FL 34744
The registration tables and check-in for rehearsal will be just inside of the main entrance to
the Arena. The appropriate team entrance will be marked accordingly.
You must register and pick up your packet a minimum of 1 hour prior to your assigned warmup time at the registration table. Please do not bring your team to pick up your packet!
Once you receive your packet, you can then distribute your wristbands accordingly and do as
you wish until 10 minutes prior to your scheduled “Tumble” time.
Please be early for your scheduled “Tumble” time. We do not want to have to look for your
team. If you miss your tumble, warm-up and/or competition time, you will not compete.
Your registration packet will include the
following items:
 Participant Pins
 Participant & Coaches wristbands
 Time Schedule
 A “Parent and Spectator” Informational Sheet
 Survey
All tickets can be purchased for $10.00 at the door.
Children 3 years of age and younger will be admitted for free.
Participants & Coaches will only be admitted free on the day they
compete. If you and/or your team wish to watch the competition
on the day you do not compete, each individual will have to
purchase a ticket.
Re-Entry will be permitted. However, you must show your ticket
stub and hand stamp in order to be permitted back into the arena.
If spectators do not have both, they will not be permitted back in
unless they purchase another ticket.
Parking will be $7.00 per day per car and $14 per day per bus.
The finalized schedule is available at www.fhsaa.org
under Competitive Cheerleading.
Due to the new advancement rules schedules that include
team names cannot be completed until all 4 regional
events conclude. The state schedule will be posted the
week of January 26th.
Please be sure to review this schedule.
Each team will be provided:
Coaches passes
 Enough participant passes for the maximum
number of performing participants in your chosen
 Example: Large Non-Tumbling Division = 26
participant passes
 Total passes for a Large Non-Tumbling team packet
= 28
 Alternates and additional coaches must purchase a
State Series Passes will be
accepted at the pass gate as
long as they are presented with
a Photo I.D.
All athletes/coaches please report to the “check-in”
area (main entrance of arena) at least 10 minutes
prior to your assigned tumble time. DO NOT BE LATE!
 From check-in, you will have your pictures taken
(please help us expedite pictures by lining your
team up in height order upon arrival for your team
picture), then a host take you up the stairs to the
staging area for warm-ups.
 Please refrain from leaving bags and other personal
belongings in the warm-up area – your team will not
return to this area.
 In order to ensure an efficiently run event, all teams
must be on time to the check-in area.
Very – Very – Very Important!
A sound system will be supplied in the warmup area. This sound system will play CD’s and
iPods. However, the sound systems are not
If there is a malfunction with the sound
systems, we are not responsible. Therefore,
you may want to bring a back-up sound
system for warm-ups, just in case.
It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that all routines
comply with the written rules and regulations of the FHSAA
and NFHS.
Teams who perform an illegal skill during the competition
will be penalized according to the Rules and Regulations.
If you have a participant with a brace, cast or any other
type of apparatus, you may want to have it checked by the
legality judge beforehand to make sure it’s legal. This will
help to prevent possible deductions.
Any squad in violation of the general rules or specific
safety regulations will be assessed a deduction for each.
A copy of the score sheets can be found on the
Competitive Cheer webpage under “Manual” or “Forms”.
 Please
remember that just because an illegal
stunt was not caught at a prior event, does
not mean it is legal.
 It is imperative that the coach goes through
the NFHS Spirit Rules and your routine one
last time to be sure all aspects are legal.
 If you have a question about the legality of a
stunt please contact myself or Kat Frisk
([email protected]) as soon as possible so
changes can be made if necessary.
 You can also use cheerrules.com as a
 The
decision of the Rules and Legalities
official at the FHSAA Championship is final.
 The FHSAA does not review video of any
 Article 8.1.2 of the FHSAA operational bylaws
Protests. Any decision made by a contest official
shall not be contested. The decisions of the
contest officials are final.
• Approximate floor size will be fifty-four
feet wide by forty-two feet deep (9
strips). These will be traditional foam
• You will get 4 minutes to tumble and
stretch and 4 minutes to warm-up.
• When your “Warm Up” is complete, you’ll
be escorted to the staging area and await
your turn to compete.
 You
will have restrooms and drink stations in
staging just in case either are needed.
 Please do not leave bags and/or personal
belongings in the warm-up area because as
your team will not return to that area.
 There WILL NOT be Rules Judges in the
warm-up area. You, as the coach, are
responsible for making sure all aspects of
your routine is legal.
You are responsible for your own music. The sound system that will be
used will accept the following type of media:
You are encouraged to bring at least 2 discs that include your
performance music just in case of a malfunction. Your and/or your
designee will be required to run your own music (push the play
button). The sound booth will be located at the front corner of the
competition floor, you will have an unobstructed view of your team
from the sound booth.
Athletic Trainers will be available for
emergency purposes only. If an athlete
needs to be taped, the trainers may be able
to do so, but tape will not be provided.
Any athlete that needs to be taped will be
required to provide their own tape. Please
be advised that an Athletic Trainer is not
guaranteed to be available to tape as the
number of participants may prohibit that.
In order to ensure fairness, the number of teams advancing
to finals will be one (1) team per every four (4) entered in
a given division in the semifinals. This is in addition to the
teams that automatically advanced form the regional
For example: If there are 5 teams that automatically
advanced from regionals in a given division and 7 teams in
semifinals we would advance an additional 1 team
(7/4=1.75 however as we do not round up there would be 1
team advancing) from semis which would be a total of 6
teams in the finals.
All teams in a given division will be judged by the same
panel of judges. There will be 4 judges on each panel.
The number of finalists and final competition times listed
in the Order of Competition are estimates. These times
may vary slightly.
Finals are “clean slate”.
Therefore, your scores
from the previous round
do not count and you are
judged only on your finals
performance during the
 Only
teams making it to the finals will be expected
to stay for the awards ceremony.
 All
finalist teams will be expected to participate in
the awards ceremony in its entirety.
 Champion
and runner-up teams will be given a team
trophy and individual medallions.
 All
finalists will be expected to display good
sportsmanship during the awards ceremony! Any
team not displaying good sportsmanship will be
penalized accordingly.
Head Coaches may pick up a copy of their score
sheets after the finalists have been announced
for your specific division. The score sheets will
be in the lobby near the check-in table and will
be dispersed by an FHSAA staff member.
Score sheets will only be given to the head
A copy of the score sheets can be found at
www.fhsaa.org, click on Competitive
Cheerleading, then Manual.
of competition will be
available on line.
merchandise will be
available to purchase from Team
IP, the official vendor of the
There will be concessions available.
The concession stand will include items
such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chips,
popcorn, drinks, candy, snacks, etc.
Outside food and drinks will not be
permitted. Complimentary water and
Gatorade will be available for the
competitors in the warm-up, staging
and performance areas.
Please understand that there will be media
present. There will be print media, possibly
a few T.V. stations, Bright House Sports
Network and some photographers. Please be
respectful if the media requests to interview
you and/or some of your cheerleaders. If
you have any questions or concerns about the
media that are present, please locate
Quinten Ershock, from the FHSAA.
Seeking Smiles Photography is the
official photographer of the FHSAA.
Team photos and action shots WILL be
taken. They will have a booth set up
in the lobby where photos and
souvenirs will be available for
purchases. All printing on site.
Please be sure to visit the
Experience Kissimmee booth
for local attraction
information. If you have any
questions about the area,
please refer to
This year we will have high school teams perform
in the STUNT exhibition. We are very excited
to see what stunt looks like for our high school
Silver Spurs Arena
Plan to attend this high school STUNT
competition to see what’s in store for Florida
High School teams!
Kellie Doucette, Director of Athletics for
Competitive Cheerleading
[email protected]
352-372-9551 ext. 450