Poster Writing Template

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Transcript Poster Writing Template

Insert Title
Capture the focus of what you have done, be specific as to what is being looked at.
A catchy title should be short, concise, easily understood and encourage interest in your work.
First Name Last Name, affiliation Number
Affiliation Number Institute,
City, Country
This section defines the topic you are looking at and gives the
background as to why you are looking at this topic and why it is
important- the rationale and significance.
This section should explain the design of what you did - it should
provide information to allow another person to understand and
evaluate your approach.
This covers your opinion of what you think the results mean.
Did you achieve what you planned to do? What are the implications
of your findings?
It is important to sell the importance of this area of work.
Due to space limitations there may or may not be enough details as
to allow another person to replicate what you did , however it
should provide enough information for an individual to decide if
the method you used was valid.
Any limitations of the work should be addressed and evaluated.
This section may also include references to other published data
which supports your findings.
Alternatively this can be used to address any contradictory findings
This is where you may reference national documents/guidelines.
This section should include the information on any subjects –how
they were selected, measurement tools used, protocols and other
details which were important in undertaking your work
This clearly states what you are going to look at, for example
‘The aim of this study was……….’
Clearly state the facts or outcome which you found from your work.
This should include any findings and include your statistical
analysis of the data and figures or tables which represent the
All data should be clearly labeled. The results should be consistent
with the aim/purpose of the study
‘The purpose of this project was ……..’
Type in or paste your text here
Date. Contact Details – email address
This can be a separate section or can be incorporated as the last
paragraph of your discussion section.
Any conclusions which are drawn from the data need to be
supported by the findings.
This should be the strongest part of the poster and is often the area
which is focused on first.
Full references
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