ACID MINE DRAINAGE (AMD) A PowerPoint Presentation

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Transcript ACID MINE DRAINAGE (AMD) A PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation
By Benjamin Garza
Acid Mine Drainage
What is it???
• Weathering of Pyrite!!!!!!
Pyrite oxidises and produces acidic water (ph <
This water is very acidic, for it causes other
heavy metals and toxic elements to solubilise.
The toxic mix of elements is carried
downstream and it is eventually carried out
into the ocean.
What is Pyrite?
• A mineral composed of iron and
sulphur (FeS2) AKA “Fools Gold””
• Pyrite is very plentiful and frequently
occurs in octahedral crystals.
Pyrite is very brittle and it breaks and turns
into powder very easily. Small quantities of
gold are sometimes found in pyrite, but don’t
be fooled!!
Pyrite Locations
Where is pyrite found and
why is it such a problem???
• Mining!!!
• Excavations!!!!
• Abandoned Mines!!!!
Mining and excavations expose the large
quantities of pyrite, and when the pyrite mixes
with oxygen and water, it forms sulphuric acid
which is very toxic.
Who and what does AMD
Forest Wildlife!!!
Ocean life!!!
Generally affects everyone!!!!!
The toxic elements that are produced from
pyrite and AMD, seep into viable water
sources where forest wildlife and river, lake,
and ocean life live.
What are some solutions to
• Carbonate neutralization!!!
• ION exchange!!
• Constructed (artificial) wetlands!!
There are some methods that involve
containment or neutralizing AMD at the
source, but it is not 100% effective.
Earthquakes, tropical storms, and hurricanes
can cause flooding which would have
devastating effects on wildlife.
Where can more information
be found on AMD?
• www.epa.epa
AMD can cause severe damage to forest and
marine ecosystems. Eventually, the toxic
elements contained in AMD will affect our
food chain; It must be stopped now!