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Year-end Report
FY 2014-15
Submitted to Dr. Mary M. White
Division of Institutional Advancement
Community Engagement
Kimberly Hilliard, Executive Director
Direct managerial responsibilities over the following community-oriented units: Center for University-Based
Development, Department of Events, Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition, Welcome Center, as
well as, oversight of One University Place (JSUDF). The Washington Addition Prenatal/Early Childhood
Education Project closed out in August 2014.
Implemented a branding strategy to increase TV, radio, print and social media presence. During this time
period, awareness of the University’s news, accomplishments, and community engagement efforts and
activities have increased significantly. Few examples:
Bi-weekly radio broadcast of the “JSU Community Minute” began in January. WJSU, a 24,500-watt
entity, broadcasts 24 hours daily from the Mississippi e-Center at JSU, reaching Hinds, Simpson,
Madison, Rankin, and Copiah counties. The “JSU Community Minute” airs daily and runs for two
The monthly community newsletter “Good News” was redesigned with an expanded distribution to 32
local churches and over 3,100 congregants.
Other CE efforts received widespread regional media coverage, such as Holiday under the Stars,
Presidential Easter Egg Hunt, JSU Day at the Zoo, JSU Summer Camps Program, Conscious College Road
[email protected], and the 2015 United Way Campaign. The increased coverage had a positive impact on
CE submitted an application and JSU was selected as one of sixteen universities/colleges selected for the
national 2015 Conscious College Road Tour and the only historically black college and university (HBCU).
On March 31 through April 1, over 250 students participated in the information stations and town hall
meeting and 178 signed up to participate in future sustainable campus activities.
Community Engagement
FY 2015-16 Goals
To strengthen the scope of engagement and increase the number community-university partnerships that
provide linkage between the university resources and the priorities of the community
Strengthen functionality and performance for each CE unit and staff member;
Administer questionnaire to community partners and other community members to assess needs by October
2015. Use feedback to create an action plan for making university resources at all JSU locations more
accessible to the community; and
Form the Community Engagement Taskforce (CET), which will include faculty, staff, students and residents to
define and guide community and university partnerships by November 2015.
To serve as the central portal of information for campus-wide community engagement initiatives.
Complete initial assessment regarding community engagement efforts by September 30, 2015. Use the
findings to encourage further community engagement activities and research;
Coordinate with University Communications to develop tracking system for placement on the community
engagement website by August 2015; and
Implement university-wide tracking system in which community engagement information is collected from
each college, school, department, and units (including, but not limited to, activity/project information, staff
contact for initiative, geographic area or population served, number of community members served) by
October 2015.
To promote adoption of the environmental sustainability action plan for the campus
Sustainability practices and values are embedded throughout the university culture; and
Develop legislative talking points to influence statewide sustainability policies.
Center for University-Based Development
Jason Brookins, Director
Worked in collaboration with community residents, Voice of Calvary Ministries, and Duvall Decker Architects to
produce the West Jackson Master Plan. The $250,000 report was funded by MS Development Authority and
contained neighborhood demographics, assets, design guidelines and development recommendations. Jackson
State is featured as an anchor institution. (August)
Negotiated the ownership transfer of 31 parcels (assessed value of approximately $199,000) from the MS
Secretary of State for future off-campus redevelopment. Updated the property database of 405 parcels held
by JSU and the JSU Development Foundation. (Year-round)
Hosted the annual HBCU Community Development Coalition Conference. CUBD engaged with other collegiate
colleagues active in community development efforts to glean best practices and approaches. Approximately 50
individuals attended representing 15 HBCUs. (October)
Coordinated and hosted the first Heritage Mix and Mingle highlighting the accomplishments of 11 neighborhood
associations surrounding JSU main campus. This event led to CUBD partnering with the associations to give over
$1,000 in food items and gifts to 12 needy West Jackson families (November).
Received grant funding and donations for community enhancement activities that included $19,000 towards the
development of a Blackburn Middle School learning edible garden and approximately $25,000 for Cruising in
the Community annual bike ride. CUBD received over 2,500 donated books for the Little Free Library and 490
books were distributed to the neighborhood youth within a four-month timeframe. (Year-round)
Center for University-Based Development
FY 2015-16 Goals
Initiate the JSU Farmer’s Market creating a venue that brings fresh vegetables to the community, creates
opportunities for students and residents to start micro enterprises and for existing businesses to showcase
their product or service;
Promote business retention, expansion and stabilization in the targeted area by facilitating the University
Business Association;
Develop a plan for the acquisition, disposition and management or redevelopment of external properties
owned by Jackson State University that will improve the esthetics of the community and enhance the
image of JSU;
Formalizing the Blackburn Learning Edible Garden, which will create a model learning and working
environment between JSU and Blackburn Middle School; and
Link community groups with university departments and CUBD partners to devise community solutions for
the neighborhoods and businesses surrounding the JSU main campus.
Center for University-Based Development Activities
Department of Events (DOE)
Carol J. Woodson, Director
DOE coordinated and managed 5,755 events utilizing event spaces throughout the campus. Internal
and external clients including inaugural events such as the Phi Beta Chi conference, Passport to the
World, and the Black Psychology Conference (Year-round).
JSU Summer Camps Program, coordinated by DOE, was recognized at the 2015 USDA national
conference as one of the largest summer feeding program in the State of Mississippi. During Summer
2014, over 4,616 free and 14,742 reduced-rate meals (breakfast and lunch) were provided to local
youth (July through August).
DOE increased staff capacity by adding two full time Event Coordinators and a full time
Administrative Assistant. This administrative increase allowed DOE to establish a structured team to
better coordinate and manage events on and off campus (October).
DOE held the first onsite professional training for the university’s virtual online reservation software,
Events Management Systems (EMS), with IT consultant - Dean and Associates. The extensive two day
hands-on training was conducted for the DOE and IT staff, as well as, the facility managers. DOE can
now utilize the service to better track events, produce necessary reports, and document space
utilization statistics (May).
Department of Events
FY 2015-16 Goals
Pursue professional development for staff, including certification status for Event Coordinators and attend
industry-specific training and workshops.
Acquire funding to increase staff capacity to include Operations Manager and an additional Event
Produce a marketing plan to encourage growth of external clientele including creating a “look” book and
host an Open House in conjunction with Sodexo-Magic.
Enhance the JSU brand to provide an aesthetically pleasing and elegant ambiance for all JSU events on
and off campus.
Secure a permanent office location to house DOE staff and storage for event equipment and AV supplies.
Host campus wide training during Faculty/Staff Seminar for all organizations and departments to provide
detailed overview, goals and purpose of the DOE and re-cap training on EMS virtual system for proper
input of events.
Department of Events (DE)
Carol J. Woodson, Director
Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition (MJCPC)
Velesha P. Williams, Director
Provided services to over 10,000 individuals in prevention efforts throughout the Jackson metropolitan area,
as well as, the MS Delta. Efforts are 100% funded through external grants.
Over $640,000 in external funding generated. Funded by
 Mississippi Department of Mental Health Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services
 Mississippi Department of Highway Safety
 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA)
Implemented evidence-based curriculums in the Jackson Metropolitan area including: JPS - Galloway
Elementary School, Keys Elementary, Blackburn Laboratory Middle School, Powell Middle School, Jim Hill
Middle School, and Lanier High School; Henley & Young Juvenile Justice Center; Kids Kollege; and numerous
Summer Enhance Programs.
Expanded Alcohol Impaired Driving Prevention Services in the MS Delta Region adding Marshall and
Issaquena County to the 18 Counties being served.
Developed the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Training Institute to be implemented in FY16
Worked collaboratively with the One Fit JSU grant and spearheaded two Community Health Fairs (Blackburn
Laboratory Middle School and Jim Hill High School).
Special Accomplishments:
Director completed the JSU Staff Leadership Institute 2014, awarded 2015 Herbert L. Loving Award of
Excellence, and was a JSU High Grant Award recipient.
Prevention Coordinator selected to attend the JSU Staff Leadership Institute 2015.
Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition
FY 2015-16 Goals
Expand services by seeking and applying for new funding sources/opportunities.
Retool MJCPC to meet community demands and changes in the prevention field/environment.
Implement the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Training Institute.
Diversify prevention efforts.
Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition
FY 2015-16 Activity Photos
One University Place
Lauren Jones, Property Manager
Residential occupancy rates averaged 97% throughout the fiscal year. Low turnover.
Over 85% occupancy in commercial spaces.
Gallery 1 and Royal Bleau Boutique renewed leases. WOW Café opened (October).
Hosted 1UP Block Party during JSU Homecoming 2014 (October).
Property is over 4 years old. Create an overall preventative maintenance plan (January).
Reduction in the number of complaints regarding exterior break-ins and noise due to increased awareness
regarding public safety and residential courtesy officer (JSU Public Safety).
Washington Addition Prenatal and Early Childhood Education
Project (WAPECEP)
Angela Gobar. Ph.D., Director
Developed a research paper, project evaluation report (MURC), and the annual performance report for
submission to the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation (July).
Files for WAPECEP families transferred to JSU - College of Education.
Grant ended and office closed August 31, 2014.
Welcome Center
Gwen Caples, Director
Serviced 3,993 visitors from July 1, 2014, to May 31, 2015, via 261 tours, 181 meetings, and 8 seminars.
Since our grand opening on July 16, 2012, we have serviced 11,674 diverse visitors from around the world,
including Africa, Mexico, China, and Russia.
Customer survey results: 578 surveys were received from tour participants with 90% indicating excellent
Partnered with Mississippi State University to host the “LIGHTS” Workshop at JSU on May 14, 2015:
“Learning Information while Gaining Helpful Training on Visitor Services.” Approximately 60 representatives
from 12 public and private colleges and universities in Mississippi attended the first statewide workshop for
visitor services.
Purchased a golf cart to accommodate disabled tour participants to provide them with the same opportunity
to have a positive tour experience as walking participants.
Welcome Center
FY 2015-16 Goals
Increase service for 4,500 visitors via tours, meetings, seminars and special events.
Work with the statewide committee to host the 2nd Annual LIGHTS Workshop at another collegiate site in
Mississippi. In addition, will form a statewide coalition to attend the annual Collegiate Information &Visitor
Services Association (CIVSA) annual conference.
Collaborate with the Admissions Department on housing an admissions professional in the Welcome Center to
consult with prospective students.
Position the Welcome Center as an effective and viable meeting facility for the West Jackson residential and
business community to increase connectivity and participation with the University.
Welcome Center Activities