Year End Report - Jackson State University

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Transcript Year End Report - Jackson State University


Presented to President Meyers and Executive Cabinet October 21, 2014


CE Organizational Chart

Division of Institutional Advancement

Interim Vice President

Dr. Mary M. White


Office of Community Engagement (OCE) Kimberly Hilliard, Ph.D. 601-979- 1731

Integrating community action and civic engagement

Into the fabric of the university.   The Office of Community Engagement has the responsibility of fostering a seamless relationship between Jackson State University and the general public through purposeful interaction with external constituencies. Direct managerial responsibilities over the following community-oriented units: Center for University-Based Development, Department of Events, Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition, Welcome Center, as well as, oversight over One University Place (JSUDF). The Washington Addition Prenatal/Early Childhood Education Project was closed out in August 2014.

FY 2014-15

 Created research methodology for a university-wide assessment to ascertain the collective impact of the community engagement and outreach efforts.

   Crafted Sustainability Action Plan proposal for all campus locations. Expansion of the community “Good News” newsletters. Currently, 18 churches and over 2,935 individuals receive monthly.

Represent the university on civic boards, such as: Vision 2022, Team Jackson, State of MS – Election Laws Blue Ribbon Panel, and City of Jackson – Mechanical Board.


Center for University-Based Development (CUBD) Jason Brookins, Director 601-979-2255

FY 2013-14

     Served as the predevelopment team for the proposed JSU Dome Venue and off-campus student residential housing for land use assessments and acquisitions. Maintained property database for the 374 parcels held by JSU and JSU-subsidiaries. Negotiated the transfer of ownership of 58 parcels (assessed value approximately $313k) from the Secretary of State for future off-campus redevelopment. Processed over 120 parcels for rezoning of the proposed residence housing and MS e-Center. Created the University Business Association (bounded by Gallatin St., Hwy. 80, Ellis Ave., and Smith Parkway) with 86 out of 300 businesses completed their membership applications.

Improved community communication realizing a 10% increase in social media traffic (West Jackson blog, Facebook, and Twitter). Over 2,415 followers.

Conducted youth-oriented activities, such as the “Cruising the Community” bike ride and National Lemonade Day to enhance the image of JSU in the community.

FY 2014-15

    Hosted annual HBCU – Community Development Action Coalition conference (October).

Presented West Jackson Master Plan to university. Will establish roundtable discussions with interested faculty, and students to discuss implementation strategies (October).

Present 20-acre Urban Farm proposal to JSUDF – Real Estate Committee (November). West Jackson Heritage Banquet (November).


Department of Events (DOE) Dadra Driscoll, Director 601-979-1033

FY 2013-14

    DOE coordinated and managed 1,495 events in 7,082 event spaces across the campus for an 33% increase in space utilization for events from the previous year.

Showcased JSU through high-volume and visibility events and national conferences, such as the Jackson Free Press – Best of Jackson Party, COSEBOC – 8 Jackson Rising.

th Annual Gathering of Leaders, the White House Summit on Educational Excellence for African Americans, and Automated processes to utilize the EMS system to track event-flow, invoices, payments, and past due accounts. Implemented a campus-wide Master Calendar system to track all campus events which includes expanded event marketing capabilities including flyers, ticket sales, social media integration and subscriptions and RSS Feeds.

Expanded Summer Camp marketing to include website enhancements, online registration and payment, single application, interactive TV and text advertising campaigns. Over 1,450 participants took advantage of online registration for camp.

FY 2014-15

    Director received event planning certification 1 st mandatory Summer Camp directors’ meeting (October 28 th ). Marketing for summer camps. (February). Holiday activities – Holiday under the Stars (Dec. 2 nd ) and Winter Musical (Dec. 7 th ) Improving customer service, visibility, and expanding services with 2 new events coordinators (October).


Metro Jackson Community Prevention Coalition (MJCPC) Velesha Williams, Director 601-979-1197

FY 2013-14

   Provided direct services to over 6,500 individuals in prevention efforts and 100% funded through external grants.

Over $670,000 in external funding generated. Funded by     Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Mississippi Department of Mental Health Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse under State Block Grant SAMHSA - Campus Suicide Prevention Project Mississippi Department of Highway Safety Partnered with private and public sectors in the metropolitan Jackson area and the Mississippi Delta Region including life skills training at JPS - Galloway Elementary School, Keys Elementary, and Powell Middle School.

FY 2014-15

 Director named MS Prevention Specialist of the Year.  Implementing a television show on JSUTV concerning public health issues.    Implementing the Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Training Institute. This new initiative will offer certificates and educational credit units for JSU students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

MS Highway Patrol requested MJCPC to increase their service area in the Delta region. Will lead One Fit JSU grant. First event: Health Fair at Blackburn Middle School (October)


One University Place Lauren Jones, Property Manager 769-233-8181

FY 2013-14

    Residential occupancy rates averaged 97% throughout the fiscal year. Low turnover.

Through the aid of Division of Business and Finance, collected over $107,000 in financial aid funding for past due accounts; Significant increase of international residential students; Reduction in the number of complaints regarding exterior break-ins and noise due to increased awareness regarding public safety and residential courtesy officer (JSU Public Safety).

FY 2014-15

    Over 85% occupied in commercial spaces. Gallery 1 and Royal Bleau Boutique renewed leases. WOW Café opened (October).

Hosted 1UP Block Party during JSU Homecoming 2014 (October). Property is over 4 years old. Create an overall preventative maintenance plan (January).


Washington Addition Prenatal and Early Childhood Education Project (WAPECEP) Angela Gobar. Ph.D., Director


    Provided more than thirty (30) services, events or training activities designed to promote school readiness for Washington Addition children and parents.

Coordinated educating testing and intervention treatments for WAPECEP children. Offered a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of reading intervention and math tutorial per child.

Presented WAPECEP preliminary research findings during roundtables at the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) annual conference and Smart Start annual conference.

Provided more than 500 hours of case management, counseling and referral to WAPECEP parents.

FY 2014-15

   Developed a research paper, project evaluation report (MURC), and the annual performance report for submission to the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation (July).

Files for WAPECEP families transferred to the College of Education.

Grant ended and office closed August 31, 2014.


Welcome Center Gwendolyn Capers, Director 601-979-0883


      Serviced 3,996 visitors. A 33% increase over the projected goal of 3,000 by June 30, 2014. Have served over 7,580 visitors since opening July 2012. The Welcome Center conducted 213 tours, 184 meetings, and 8 seminars during the fiscal year.

Hired a full-time Tour Guide/Receptionist to facilitate tours and preside over evening meetings in the conference room.

State-of-the-art conference room with Mondopad and teleconferencing capacity enhanced meeting experience.

Produced and distributed monthly newsletters to JSU retirees.

Enrolled the Welcome Center as a member of the Collegiate Information and Visitors Services Association and attended national conference.

FY 2014-15

   Director serves as coordinator for Women’s Council for Philanthropy and their student ambassadors. (July). Improved functionality - exterior window panels and golf cart (January).

Establish a model for university-oriented visitors center and services. Will host 1 st conference for collegiate visitor services. (February).