唐冠軍教室 珠璣集 73. Our ancestors’ dreams shall be realized under our hard work. 73.

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Transcript 唐冠軍教室 珠璣集 73. Our ancestors’ dreams shall be realized under our hard work. 73.

唐冠軍教室 珠璣集

73. Our ancestors’ dreams shall be realized under our hard work.



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Everyone has dreams. With hard work, all your dreams shall come true.


No matter how great, how successful you are, you should always be humble and prudent.


Never forget the sacrifices and contributions of the martyrs and ancestors. We must also appreciate those that treat us kindly.


With unwavering belief, you must follow the footsteps of the ancestors and keep marching on.


Loathing and greed leads to violence and war. Eliminating loathing and greed can bring peace and hope.


To prevent the financial decline, an individual must eliminate his greed and irresponsibility.


To make our planet even more beautiful, we must change the way we consume energy.


When faced with rigorous challenges, we must choose hope over fear, choose unity over confrontation, choose tolerance over hatred, choose to find resolution over avoiding responsibility, choose to face it with courage over turning a blind eye.

「面對嚴峻的挑戰,我們要切切實實的選擇希望,而非選擇恐懼。選擇團結而 非選擇衝突。選擇包容而非選擇仇恨。選擇解決問題而非選擇逃避責任,選擇 勇敢面對而非選擇視而不見。」

False promises and antiquated doctrines cannot solve problems. Complaining and accusations will only make problems worse.

「虛偽的承諾與陳腐教條並不能解決問題。牢騷與相互指責只會使問題更 嚴重。」

Everyone has the opportunity to pursue happiness. As long as you put in the effort, you shall be rewarded.



To accomplish greatness, you must cast aside all immaturity.


Greatness never comes by for no reason. Greatness must be attained through your own hard work.


He who lacks determination, seeks pleasure, chases fame and fortune, and takes to shortcuts and treachery can never succeed.


To win prestige, it takes hard work and unspoken devotion in your line of work.


To win the trust of your friends, you must first love your friends completely, whole heartedly, and sincerely.


The best way to find peace is to make a friend out of everyone.


In the presence of love, all hatred shall pass one day.


Politicians who engage in corruption and deceit to destroy enemies and garner power are standing on the wrong side of history.

「利用貪污及欺騙、消滅異己,以緊抓權力的政客,就是站在歷史錯誤的那一 邊。」

History will place judgment upon you based not on the damage you’ve done but on the contributions you’ve made.

「歷史是以你的建設 與 貢獻來評斷你,而不是以你的破壞來評斷你。」

The best legacy for your children is a good education and good moral values. Then let go and allow them to take responsibility in accomplishing their own goals.

「給子女最好的遺產,就是好的教育與道德。剩下的就是要放手,讓他們自己去 盡職盡責,完成目標。」

Children need role models, not criticism. Children need encouragement, not reprimand. Children need space, not restrictions. Children need instruction, not indulgence.

「孩子要的是榜樣,而不是批評。孩子要的是鼓勵,而不是責罵。孩子要的是空 間,而不是束縛。孩子要的是教誨,而不是溺愛。」

We cannot turn a blind eye towards those who are starving physically or spiritually.


We cannot continue to consume the earth’s resources with no regard for the consequences. To love ourselves is to love our planet.


A nation’s prowess and prosperity depends on its people’s belief and determination; their selflessness and compassion; furthermore, their courage and tenacity.


The proper values to have are diligence, honesty, courage, fairness in competition, tolerance, curiosity, loyalty, and patriotism.


We must gladly accept the responsibilities bestowed upon us by the new era, and do our best to accomplish our jobs without excuses.


Everyone has obligations to society. It’s your right as well as your duty.


Your duty to your country is the price you pay and a promise you make for being a citizen.


The U.S. is a great country because of the honesty of it’s people. It’s their virtues and belief in God that created the United States of America.


With belief and hard work, we can give freedom, peace, benevolence, and safety to the future generations.

「憑著信心與努力,我們要把自由、和平、博愛,安全地送給未來的世世代代。 」

The people’s confidence and passion for their country guarantees the country’s progress.


To break free of poverty, the government must work hard, the people must work harder.


Everyday a day passes by. Since you can’t stop them, you must make the best of them.


Everyday a day passes by. Since you can’t stop them, you must make the best of them.


The leader of a country is not God —he cannot carry out his mission alone. But we can help him accomplish the great work of building a country.

「國家領袖不是 神,他不可能單獨完成任務,但是我們可以幫助他,完成這一個 偉大的建國事業。」

The whole world is watching what the U.S. is doing to rescue this world from global economic decline. But I’m watching what you’re doing. Don’t ask what the government has done for you; ask what you have done for your government.

「拯救全世界的經濟衰退,全世界都在看美國的表現,但我在看你的表現,不要 問政府替你做了什麼,要問你替政府做了什麼?」

We all have obligations to increase job opportunities and prevent houses from being auctioned off. It’s not enough to rely on the government’s effort. We should do our part as well.

「增加就業機會與避免法拍屋的發生,你我都有責任,僅靠政府努力是不夠的, 希望你我也能盡一份力量。」

Without your effort, your ancestors’ dream cannot come true. Without your dedication, society cannot progress. Don’t underestimate your contributions, however small. They make this world a warmer and more loving place.

「沒有你的努力,先賢的夢不會實現。沒你的奉獻,社會不會有進步。不要 小看你的貢獻,你的小小貢獻會使人類更溫暖、更有愛。」

Our ancestors’ dreams are realized under our hard work. At the same time, we should pass down this dream generation after generation.

「先賢的夢想,將在我們努力下實現。同時,我們也要將這個夢想世世代代 傳遞下去。」 Esc For Exit