Black Bear Populations By: Ragan Horn Help from: Jamie Sanderlin wildlife biologist.

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Transcript Black Bear Populations By: Ragan Horn Help from: Jamie Sanderlin wildlife biologist.

Black Bear Populations

By: Ragan Horn Help from: Jamie Sanderlin wildlife biologist

Background History

• • • • • Black bears is the smallest of the three species in North America Black Bears are omnivorous (ex. plants, fruits, nuts, insects, honey, Salmon, small mammals, and Carrion.

There adaptable animals and very solitary exception for mothers and cubs Cubs remain with there mothers for at least a year and a half.

They have short non-retractable claws witch gives them an advantage to be able to climb trees.

Population from the recent years

There are estimated at least 600,000 black bears in North America.

• • There are estimated to be 300,000 individual bears.

Population numbers have been on the rise since 2012 • Black bears are the only species that lives in Arizona • Bear Pop. Growth 1928-2012

Causes of population numbers and Issues

• Black Bears are restricted to the forested areas because of urban growth • Urban growth is the major threat to black bears. 500,000 bears would estimate at least 1 million acres of area to be able to sustain. • Leading cause to Black bear deaths are caused by car accidents (Last 5 years 125-175 bears have been killed by cars)


Black bears are generalists(they eat anything there able to get) they will eat anything in your open containers, trashcans, or trash on the ground.

What we can do

• • You can Adopt a bear ( Website or local charities let you adopt a bear which means that you see what bear you adopted and pay a certain amount money to support your bear)(

) • • • • Watch out for bears when driving Don’t overfill trash cans and use closable containers to prevent bears from human contact Change driving habits Don’t feed the bears and let others know to (‘’A fed bear is a dead bear’’)


• Black Bears are being affected by our own development. We are growing our cities and towns which is causing them to lose acres of land to sustain there population. Black bears are being killed by cars a year because of our own growth from our cities and towns. 500,000 Black Bears need 1 million acres to sustain for a stable life because of being a very territorial animal. The Black bear population is not the species affected by our own growth.


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Special Thanks

• I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Sanderlin for providing information and help during the research of the project. I also want to thank Dr. Sanderlin for all the help when needed.