Seekers: Great Bear Lake By: Erin Hunter

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Transcript Seekers: Great Bear Lake By: Erin Hunter

Seekers: Great Bear Lake
By: Erin Hunter
PPT By: Kimberly Wong
Main Characters
Lusa, Toklo, Kallik, and Ujurak
Toklo is a large male grizzly bear. He is
usually grumpy and aggressive towards
other bears but cares very much about his
traveling companions. He and his mother
were separated but he assumed she had
abandoned him and he will not listen to
anyone who tries to talk about his mother.
He was born purely in the wild and has not
encountered many flat faces.
Lusa is a small, female, black bear.
She is very friendly but Toklo thinks she
has bees in her brain. She was born in
captivity in the Bear Bowl. She seems very
brave for traveling with bears much larger
than her. She is also a wonderful tree
climber and she seems like she can just
run straight up the trunk of the tree.
Kallik is the largest one in the
foursome. She is a large, kind, polar bear
who had never even dreamed of black and
brown bears in her life. She is very nice
but can be shy. Her mother was killed by
an orca when she was very young and she
was not ever properly taught how to hunt.
Ujurak is a very unusual bear. Lusa,
Kallik, and Toklo sometimes aren’t even
sure he is a bear. He is a weird bear that
has the power to read signs given to him
by the spirits. He can also shape shift into
any animate object. Although, he is usually
always a grizzly bear. He is very nice and
invites anyone with them on their journey
to the Last Great Wilderness.
The foursome take journeys through flat face
dens, dark forests, open meadows, and foggy
marshes. They are trying to reach the Last Great
Wilderness, a place where all bears can live
together in harmony. There is enough food,
shelter, and land for every bear at the Last Great
Wilderness. Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak are
not only on a journey to the Last Great
Wilderness and Everlasting Ice, but on a magical
adventure of friendship.
The bears are in a struggle against
rights and starvation. They must battle
with rival bears for territory and fight over
food for the sake of their lives. There are
many troubles throughout the book
including injuries, separation, and
I think that the climax of the book is
when all three bears meet up and start
their journey. Since this book is part of a
series, the climax is mostly the end of this
book and the beginning of Seekers:
Smoke Mountain. All the bears meet up
when Taquiq and a gang of
misunderstanding male polar bears go to
sabotage the black bear territory.
Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Ujurak win the
fight against the gang of white bears and
continue their journey to the Last Great
Wilderness. They are wounded and Toklo
is still uneasy about Kallik. They all
proceed to the Last Great Wilderness and
Everlasting Ice together.
• Young black bear Lusa has left the comfort of the zoo,
determined to make her way in the wild. It is there that
she encounters grizzly cub Toklo and a mysterious
changing bear named Ujurak. Together, the cubs find
themselves on a journey toward a mystical place, The
Last Great Wilderness. Meanwhile, separated from her
family, polar bear cub Kallik trusts her persistence to
lead her on a path traveled by many other bears before
her. At last, the four cubs meet at Great Bear Lake, a
place where bears gather to celebrate the longest day.
But all is not peaceful. Danger lurks beneath the calm
surface of the lake, challenging them to the wildest
experience of their lives.
This book is certainly a book for all ages. It is
very exciting and good for adventurous readers.
If you like to get really involved in books and cry
when a character is hurt and jump for joy when
the have succeeded, this is the book for you!
This book was very good, indeed. It was very
lovely. Erin Hunter is a wonderful author, as I
have read many of his wonderful adventure
novels from animal’s points of view.